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  1. Our Not so Hidden Agendas

    I come here to forget.
  2. Do You Have A Hidden Agenda ?

    @ rainbowvein Yipeee I've been quoted!!!!! It was not my hidden agenda for this to happen but it is now.
  3. Do You Have A Hidden Agenda ?

    Ha! ha! Guess you won that one. You read latin!
  4. Do You Have A Hidden Agenda ?

    Hey. I was just asking. Ive been guesting on here for a time. Some of you guys want to share. Some of you just want to tell us what to think. I want to know how to get some good qi going. Not philosophy. Why are we talking Latin anyways?
  5. Do You Have A Hidden Agenda ?

    Jeez do you spend your whole life reading dictionaries?
  6. Hi

    Hi Elliot ... pleased to meet you.
  7. Hi

    Hi, I practice meditiation and qi gong. Great to find this site and look forward to talking to you all. C.