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  1. New Verdesi Video, Who has seen it?

    David lies about reaching yin yang gong. Why wouldn't everything else be a lie? He's just obsessed with how he will suck his students financially dry... Everything about his cult speaks for it. Yes don't mention it in the first place if it is secret. It is already saying too much. It's an ego thing though, that we all go through. Admiration for being part of something secret and exclusive. With control of that part of your ego you would realize this.
  2. safety of mantak chia's practices

    When you make videos with faked pyrokinesis, what makes you think other things aren't fake about this cult?
  3. safety of mantak chia's practices

    It's just evil rumours by the cult "traditional tao", as I originally stated... statistically speaking - how many get hurt and how many don't, and how many would get hurt even without the practise? Plus Seandenty is biased, or rather brainwashed, so his word can't be trusted. He never suffered from any kidney problems - he was only told that by one of David's teachers... and he took his word for it. He didn't go for a medical opinion, just one from someone who charge people 12000 dollars for killing bulls and "empower" people. An opinion from a man like that is nothing to be trusted, it's based on how he can suck out more money from people. It's such a farce....
  4. government's trying to fuck you

    People don't want to believe in it because it is too awful. I don't blame you for staying ignorant, Taoist81, you can keep believing the lie.
  5. safety of mantak chia's practices

    Also, people do become sick, and people do get psychological illnesses all the time... even without practising Mantak Chia's methods! (Newsflash ;-)) Some people have problems that may come up when they meditate. Some people aren't ready for a swift change in world view and such and become scared etc.
  6. Wu Wei = non doing

    If someone wants to commit suicide, then they will do so no matter how hard you try. So if he tries to shoot himself with blanks... what stops him from going drunk and falling asleep with a plastic bag over his head? He will eventually just fall asleep from the carbondioxide. All you can do is giving the emotional support you can. Has he spoken about suicide? You may just be worrying in vain. Don't let him manipulate your good will by threatening to commit suicide or stuff like that, that's just a viscious circle. If you really care you will talk to him and be very straight forward about things. But as he's so old and got alcohol problems at such an old age, then it may be hard to change those patterns... I hope it all turns out well...
  7. government's trying to fuck you

    Oh but you see, Taoist81, you are swallowing the propaganda. There's so many points to be made about 911 so I don't know where to begin. See all in this serie(if you really want to know the truth): There's so many circumstances that ignoring them is just silly. There has been no unbiased investigations into 911, mind you, only one sponsored by the Government itself. I like this one, for example, what does "other purposes" mean? They create very dangerous laws, laws aren't meant to be "for other purposes" they are meant to be very specific! And this then?,..._3-6022491.html Freedom of speech? Patriot act? Moving towards fascism and total dictatorship? Yes! What does the German defense minister say? Loose change movie? If you don't do your research, don't come tell me it's "just nutty conspiracy theories". It is not, it is based on fact. It is based on that the part of pentagon that got hit was under reconstruction and so no people died - plus they found no plane... and there were no damage done to the structure by the wings!!!! And that WTC7 fell down due to an obvious controlled demolition. It wasn't even hit for gods sake! It was even admitted that there were explosives in it and that they pulled the building! And a controlled demolition of such a large building takes months in advance to plan!
  8. safety of mantak chia's practices

    I firmly believe in this: it's not dangerous if you don't fear it. When you get strong energy flow and get scared, the fear can create blockages. Spirituality is a natural process, and the more garbage you have the more garbage will have to be thrown out of your body. I have never been harmed by any spiritual activity in my life, when experiences come I give into them fully. And I am still safe and sound. Don't let other people's stories scare you, fear leads to blockages. Just go with it and let it all happen.
  9. safety of mantak chia's practices

    It's rumours created by the cult "traditional tao" so don't worry.
  10. government's trying to fuck you

    Changing president won't change ANYTHING in America, it only gives the false impression of a democracy when it's really a fascist state. Oh how America abuses "democracy" and "patriotism". Patriotism is NOT defending the ones that rape the constitution and install a military torture prison camp. Read Naomi Wolf's book or the lectures on youtube and you will know what I am talking about here, she is a bright girl. But ever since 911 I have opened my eyes to US politics and what they are doing. They create problems, then they suggest solutions that seem legit because of the problems they themselves created. Truly nefarious. The videos "esoteric agenda" is from a certain Christian viewpoint, about the illuminate etc. There's other views of this group, of course, that have other claims. But you can sort out the deep conspiracies without solidity in the videos and pick out good concepts and refreshing viewpoints on some things. The propaganda goes so far so that people actually believe the lies the government spread, these lies are among others: 911 was done by foreign terrorists (no, it was the ones controlling the US government) There were weapons of mass destructions in Iraq (again, no) The london bombings were made because of Englands allegiance with the US (no, it was done by England) And the result: they say we need fascist deperate measures like the patriot act etc etc. I could dig up looooads of laws that would make you scared, if you are unenlightened about these things.
  11. government's trying to fuck you

    Sorry, the start of the movie really made me uninterested but since you said it wasn't about that, I gave it a chance. Everyone should do so - it has an important message... nothing new to me though, money rules the world. The most important truth is that we are trapped within a society that is unnatural, made of only consumption and industrialisation.
  12. government's trying to fuck you

    The london bombings were made by MI5, and the WTC/911 bombings was an inside job (probably done by the corporations that control the government, but the fact remains that it was an inside job, not some arab terrorists...). Also USA has a prison where they allow torture. This no one seems to care about - this is because people stay ignorant about that it can happen to themselves. They don't associate themselves with the people they put there right now - arabs/muslims, "terrorists", etc... all who have not gotten a trial but put in there as scapegoats and get tortured until they sign confessions. This has already evolved to something the US government use to rule people by fear. Anyone can be put into Guantanamo without a trial - solitary confinement for 3 years without possibility to see family or a lawyer etc.
  13. Polishing qi among the crowd

    I agree completely and wholeheartedly!
  14. BBC: The Illusion Of Reality

    Anyone seen "what the bleep - down the rabbit hole"? If not, see them :-) A lot of quantum theory and other things... we live in an amazing world(and universe!), that's for sure!
  15. Okay so initiation is some kind of bypass of 100 years of knowledge, an injection of experience directly in your bloodstream? So my enlightened teacher cannot teach me anything because he didn't get initiated from anyone? Surely he can affect my mind and quiet my mind but.... I think you are really too into this to understand what you are propagating. David lives in China, where do you live? Do you think he is a true teacher to you in the "old sense" they so keenly suggest all the time?