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  1. Microcosmic circuation

    I've never heard of Kunlun before. Does anyone know where I could find some info on this or be willing to type the method so I could try it out?
  2. Microcosmic circuation

    I've been reading about microcosmic circulation. I read in one book that you should inhale and focus on energy down the front of the body and then exhale and focus on energy traveling up the spine. Another book has said to inhale and focus on energy traveling up to spine and down the front of the body on inhaling. I'm wondering which way is right or better, or does it matter? Is there a reason for the pattern of flow? Can one do the exercise focusing on the energy going in the opposite direction? Any information or a point in the direction of some information would be greatly appreciated. thank Neil
  3. New to the Tao Bums

    Hi, I've been practicing martial arts and some qigong for close to ten years now. I've also started to become more interested in the philosophy of Taoism and the spiritual connection to nature. I'm hoping to find some good information on new qigong techniques, and how to practice Taoism in my life,