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  1. When to meditate and when not.

    Thank you. That is very good advise. I will try it out right away.
  2. When to meditate and when not.

    The one method I have been successful with is inward observance. I simply observe my emotions as they emerge and pass. This has helped me a great deal in my daily life as I see the truth of myself and a situation more clearly. Ironically when I sit down and try to do that kind of deep meditation I falter as I said before.
  3. Hello

    Welcome, walker of dreams.
  4. Whenever I try to meditate I have trouble. I have looked at a ton of advice and find that some times I simply can not do anything but sit there and fidget. Are there certain conditions that you feel hinder meditation?
  5. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and give some minor background. I've spent most of my life without any guidance or reflection. Within the last few years I have been studying Zen Buddhism and the Tao. I am glad to have found a place like this where I could discuss the Tao with people and learn.