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  1. Kunlun Hawaii

    At 11:30 that morning, Orgen Thinley came to the grounds and ascended the throne in and elaborate procession with costumes, musical instruments, yellow silk umbrellas, etc. Monks lead the public in the mandala offering, after which Orgen Thinley started the initiation. As he was conducting the initiation, a very unusual strong blue whirlwind blew from the south and greatly disturbed the area. The public covered their heads and remained. Then a stronger wind with red dust blew in. As the wind continued the dust turned black and everyone including the Karmapa ran away. There was a panic, and the police had to shoot their guns in the air to disperse the crowd. The wind blew for the entire day and Orgen Thinley could not continue the initiation THis is what happened in taos when we finished up except for the cops shooting into the crowds. The whirlwind then the wind rush......
  2. Read under the auspicious sound of the Crystalyn Conch shell A lovely night as the new year approaches, early in the morning Venus and Jupiter. A golden snake uses the night's energy. A traditional view in the place of red willows The future if war happens will be a return to nomadic life A divergent view caused by quarreling of neighbors can cause disharmony. How far apart mountians are on this planet shows that neighboring Heavens interact. As Neighbors with dogs that like to bark can tolerate each other because of established friendships. Akasa turns into living in row houses, a movement of the Way And practicing breath in the house of your vehicle as ones daughter teaches you wisdom is an established method. The methods that have moved a vehicle have been causes of war. Skills in the methods of dependent arising to remove ignorance In the middle of the night carry guitar and count the money count the money. and see the beat
  3. Proof of reincarnation

    What sort of karma's would've this person have created in order to spend some time working thru them as a cat? The laziness on the meditation cushion and spending time sunning.
  4. They do look for Interns at the house but you would have to call them and ask. The info is on the website. Like I said I am currently finishing up my undergraduate degree because of my time in the earthship community. So give them a call and see what happens. Thanks to you Yoda.
  5. Hi every one. I've worked on these topics for awhile. I've studied a little taiji Yang long form, Wu short form, Quan ping. A little kung fu in my back ground Tigercrane, chowlee fut, Wing chun, and mantis. Meet and worked with Lama Nagpa Khanbo Dorje a.k.a Max during his Taos years. Helped Diamond Mountain in Bowie Arizona to open. And currently am working on finishing my undergrad degree and getting involved with business that helps to stop global warming. I learned about solutions to global warming from the earthship community outside of Taos. At a place called Angelsnest. which can be seen at Also politics, T.V. media, and international economic issues. Currently I help teach Taiji and meditation techniques. Both Buddhist and Taoist. Max handed out a Sun Moon technique that I've backed up with the teaching Questions of King Malinda, and from Bardo Thadrol. I am the reincarnation of the Terton for Bardo Thadrol, hence the tantra. Most of my Tantric studies have been on keeping vows both Bodhisattva and Mantra, Samaya(keeping a promise) and Kalachakra and Chakrasamvara. My primary focus is on Business and Global warming issues nowadays. Peace ~Aidan