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  1. Morality

    What are your thoughts on the importance of morality in spiritual practice? some considerations: difference between ethics & morality (morality regarding 'good' conduct) difference between an objective and subjective morality do you think that moral systems have Universal Truth? what are your own moral systems and why do you uphold them? posted b/c morality is an unaddressed topic on this forum that shows itself in most of the new threads I read. Just wondering what taobums feel about their projection of Right and Wrong onto their own practice. what's gained and lost.
  2. OOPS. that's the wrong question
  3. so much ego to laugh at

  4. YES! so much to learn from this... sounds like you really tapped into your freedom, keep posting!
  5. New

    Hi Community, I'm new. College student, beginning to deepen my spiritual practice. Look forward to good people, good discussions.