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  1. I can't think of any established religion that doesn't profit someone. All the cumulative karma of profiteering off the masses, is pretty evident to me. They are all mechanisms of control imo. There is no spiritual truth in doing things out of fear, nor is there any spiritual truth in accepting what you have been told. I think that what is going to happen is the snowball effect. A couple guys enlighten a couple more without the pretense of ownership. Then that is spread amongst the masses. Without Lineages, traditions or anything imposed upon the actual truth.
  2. All that really needs to be done is to make Spirituality as well as religion completely non-profit. These boards could benefit from that as well. Put it out there and make it freely available for all. Most of the information that anyone is going to pay anyone else for is already available anyways. The ones who stand to profit don't want you to know that though. The compiling of information is helpful so people can easily find it. So without there being profit to religion or spirituality what would one stand to gain by owning it? It would be a waste of time then.
  3. As long as there are those who take it upon themselves to judge others while claiming "Wu Wei", I will continue to fight the uphill battle in the name of all that is spiritual. People have long deemed to own spirituality, yet it is feeble when the truth is already existing within each of us. If people demanding freedom from oppression is not spiritual that what is?
  4. Shen

    Ah, but why would you use your eyes to determine something that is not seen? If it was something to be seen, then we would have proof of a soul.
  5. What is Wu Wei?

    It seems like there is a lot of "talk" about what Wu Wei is. Wu Wei is not about your claims or your ideas or what you think in my opinion. It is how you act and treat others. Sure someone can claim they practice Wu Wei, as claims are words inherently meaningless. What does Wu Wei mean to you?
  6. Hardship

    I wonder if that quote is intended to include the assumption of a god?