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  1. Daoist Koan

    I feel like every time I read Taoist (philosophical) and Zen writings, it becomes more apparent that they're both nearly the same thing. There are some minor differences, ie. when you get to the actual practice of Zen as opposed to just the Zen perspective. There were Zen patriarchs who wrote about, "The Way." I feel that, from what I've read, Taoism and Zen go hand in hand.
  2. Epictetus

    @Apech Thanks for the link, I will check out that thread. :-) @cat The genesis of the stance is pretty much what it is. Though there maybe some other minor differences, such as relying on your intuition vs. distinguishing between what you can and can't control. Also the main difference which is that one came from China and the other from Greece, if I'm not mistaken, at around the same time. Crazy how such similar ideas can arrive from two very different place.
  3. Epictetus

    Anyone here read any of Epictetus' writings? I've read, and still read, the Enchiridion as well as the Discourses. It really helps me along with the Tao Te Ching, and I think both are similar. What do you think of Stoicisim?
  4. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, registered for the site yesterday. I'm very into the Tao Te Ching as well as other spiritual/ philosophical scripture and am looking forward to participating in discussions. :-)