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  1. Today had a nice turn out of 7 of us early Sunday morning to practice Chi Kung. Always looking for more people so if you've been on the fence come check it out. Every Sunday morning at 8.
  2. thats interesting. I never knew that. A teacher of mine also trains wing chun and really enjoys it.
  3. Just an update, class is growing little by little. We will continue to meet Sunday mornings at 8 at the location previously stated in the thread. If ever I can't make it I will post it on here or follow me on Twitter :Sean O'[email protected] where I post updates.Thanks
  4. I don't have experience with that system but have been studying Nei Gung with Master CK Chu for approximately five years. In our practice we hold certain stances for extended periods of time and try to relax and work on alignment and breathing. We hold the "Embracing Horse Stance" for around 20-25 minutes and hold the Pi Pa stance on each side for about 3-5 minutes. I have experienced involuntary movement while holding these stances. Mostly quivering ,shaking in the fingers. Sometimes I'll stomp on the ground a little. It feels involuntary. When I first started a lot of shaking in the legs. I've witnessed others as well have different reactions to the stances.shaking,vibrating, even jumping. When I asked my Sifu about it he told me not to fight it but to let go and not worry about it. It's your chi circulating going where it has to go. I think holding these stances and being relaxed completes the chi circuit and allows your energy to flow freer and stronger causing this sometime reaction.
  5. Addiction

    good luck on your journey.
  6. Addiction

    12 step programs can help. Although they speak of God there is no requirement that you believe anything and instead of God speak of a "higher power as you understand him" . Of course any Chi Kung, Meditation practice can help. 12step programs give you unity with people going through the same problems and attending one that applies can save save you from isolation and misery into a better way of life if you give it a chance. Then you can have more freedom and the TTC and other practices will have more meaning.
  7. Any recommendations for Qi Gong teachers in New York

    I study Eternal Spring Chi Kung at CK Chu Tai Chi which is located at 156W44th Times Square. I love the system in addition to the other classes taught there (ie. Tai Chi Chuan, Push Hands, Nei Kung ). The website is for more info. The school offers free Eternal Spring Chi Kung classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:39 am at Bryant Park at W43st and 6th Ave. They usually get between 30-40 people at those classes.Also I recently started a free Eternal Spring class in the north Bronx in Van Cortlandt Park on Sunday Mornings at 8am as I posted in another thread. Also this weekend 06/30 there is an Eternal Spring Chi Kung seminar at 1pm at the school. The seminar is a more in-depth discussion of ES Chi Kung.where you're encouraged to ask questions and get more individual corrections. Good luck on your search.
  8. This Sunday June 30 at 8am there will be another Free Eternal Spring Chi Kung class in Van Cortlandt Park at the same location stated above. In addition , at the CK Chu Tai Chi school located at 156 W 44th street in Times Square there will an Eternal Spring Chi Kung seminar on the same day June 30 from 1pm to 3:30 pm. The seminar goes into more in depth discussion about the system along with more individual corrections . Also ,students are encouraged to ask questions. It's a great way to learn about Eternal Spring and to enhance your practice. For more info on the seminar go the website
  9. This Sunday June 26 at 8am there will be another free Eternal Spring Chi Kung class at Van Cortlandt Park. Enter park at Broadway /Mosholu Ave entrance and follow the road straight to the John Muir Nature Trail sign. There's a large parking lot with plenty of free parking. Eternal Spring is a Chi Kung system started by Master CK Chu who has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Nei Kung, Meditation, and Push Hands in Times Square for over forty years. The forms/exercises themselves are meant to promote relaxation, deep breathing, proper alignment, and mind/body connection to make a healthier you. It also helps to introduce Tai Chi principles to help with your practice. For more info on Eternal Spring Chi Kung check out the website All are welcome!!
  10. I haven't had any responses via e-mail but if anyone is interested a free Eternal Spring Chi Kung class will be given this Sunday, June 16 at 8 am in Van Cortlandt Park. Enter the park at Broadway and Mosholu Ave and proceed straight to the parking by the horse stables. Plenty of free parking available. The meeting point is the John Muir Nature Trail sign which is right at the end of the driveway . All are welcome.
  11. Hi, I was certified last year by Master CK Chu of Chu Tai Chi located in Times Square to teach his Chi Kung system "Eternal Spring". I have been assisting teaching various classes at the school for about two years and would like to bring a free Chi Kung class to Van Cortlandt Park early Saturday/Sunday mornings around 8ish. The location I was considering is near the horse stables off Broadway and Mosholu which has a nice sized parking lot. If interested please email me at [email protected] Thanks!!
  12. Students of C K Chu

    Humble, I have been a student of Master CK Chu for just over three years and really enjoy the school and find that is has enriched my life in many ways. Please don't take to heart the recommendation to try Eternal Spring or Tai Chi first before doing Nei Gung. It's ok to do the Nei Gung workshop without background in the school but it could be more beneficial to try Eternal Spring Chi Gung and Tai Chi first on your journey. For myself, I started Tai Chi lessons ,learned part of the form, and then three months later did the NeiGung workshop and did Eternal Spring. It's all good and all the classes benefit and support each other. Learning Eternal Spring will benefit your NeiGung ,your NeiGung will benefit your form etc etc. good luck in whatever you decide.