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  1. It is a lovely story and a powerful experience. You might want to Google the Book of Nature and particularly St Bernard of Clairvaux. Well in reality it isn't possible to say one thing is right and another wrong because all things are the same thing. But for the purpose of the forum it wasn't awakening that she experienced. More an epiphany. She's kinda seen one side of the coin I guess. But wow powerful.
  2. Hi all, Is the Taoist temple of purity & silence in Barcelona still going? It is/was run by Master Tien Cheng Yang. Here is the website but it doesn't seem to have been update for several years: http://www.qingjing.net/English/ I am interested in getting in touch with them. Anyone know of them or the teacher? Thanks in advance.
  3. Attainment of the Tao

    Nothing is attained because you have it anyway... Sort of. It is a change in understanding, a realisation. Nothing changes and nothing is gained because what is thought to be the receiver and the received are the same. The Dao does not really lie under things. It is everything you are seeing, however, it is possible to see it has in essence 2 faces: an endless presence of silent stillness and also its energy causes the appearance of things. But they are not things, nor are they not not-things. Hence no-thingness. This is different than Buddhist emptiness yet both talk about the same One. If you want to attain the Dao look for the qualities of stillness and silence in things. Then one day you might notice that you are staring at yourself, no-self. It is within you too so you can notice it there too. The more still and silent you become the greater your chance of noticing what is already there, everywhere, quiet and unmoving. When it comes down to it, that's all you need in Daoism; silence and stillness. The rest is unnecessary.
  4. The only thing I know of that comes close is about not leaking energy from this area and that is guarding the yin. I dont know where i read it but when thoughts settle and there become an inner quiet, the energies naturally settle and there is a sinking feeling in the belly that feels as though energies are kept there. This is more about immortality than storing excess qi. Also there isnt a source of qi as such, the whole of you is qi manifest from the Dao, or rather not from but as you. It may help to know the reason behind the OP question.
  5. Sons of Reflected Light - where they Druids?

    interesting video for sure, a little weird in the delivery but if it is true it brings into question some of the things we understand about Daoism.
  6. Great replies, thanks guys!
  7. great point about the dantien not connected into the earth through the kwa - thanks.
  8. Hey all, Advice please... I like the style of this Radek Kolar's Chen Tai Chi and Qigong. I stumbled across his YouTube videos because of wanting to look at how people expressed Tai Chi etc through the hands, however, although this looks super-nice it seems to me that it is a little over-stylised and self-conscious. To me, the centre creates the movement and the arms follow as the chi flows in and out of them. There are times though that if you watch the centre the arms aren't really following it. Like there is an abrupt turn of speed. The idea is to be like you are reeling silk which breaks if there is a sudden change in the pace and flow of movement drawing it in and working with it. So, when I practise I try to forget about how the Qigong or silk reeling looks and feel how the flow of qi moves from the belly to the fingertips and so on... and to be super-sensitive at the beginning and end of a move's cycle to not break that flow, that silk. Or am I wrong? I know the newer styles of Chen were quite showy but they seemed not to break the flow in this way - am I missing some advanced skill here? Compare this to Chen Xiaowang also below and there is a world of difference, but I love the appearance of Radek's qigong, and in my search to improve my own practice I was wondering who best to follow.
  9. Sons of Reflected Light - where they Druids?

    Great I will check out the video. Yes, I first read about it in one of Chee Soo's book but have heard it mentioned quite often since, and certain groups of Chinese people were claiming that these mummified European figures were their ancestors. They were apparently tall too and taught about herbs and energy. The yellow emperor was meant to have got his information from some "external" source. I'm not trying to take anything away from the Chinese as such, there are many parallels with Druidry, the cauldron, the flow of Awen, Immortality and the forming of the Adderstone or Jade Egg. Interesting.
  10. yes, there's another name for it too, something to do with mountain ridges but I forget.
  11. Silk Reeling .... The Details

    Whether you have one hand moving or two the dantien is still doing the same. There is nothing different in the movement for one or two hands. As it happens, the dantien does not exist. It is a point that explains a feeling, an energy. If you close your eyes and listen to what is happening within you will get to feel what the answer to your question is
  12. In Daoism it is called the celestial eye (could of course be how it was translated and not that at all) - directing energy there is part of the cycling of energy up the spine, through the head, down the nose and down the front of the body. There's a ton of descriptive words for these areas such as the red chamber, mapgie bridge and so on. The 3rd eye can vibrate very rapidly and in a very small area, then the trick is to draw that energy down the nose, the throat, the chest, the lower cauldron, and back up the spine. It is meant to be part of the awakening process but I think it was used to a) help focus the mind away from thoughts and b ) warm up the meditator in winter.
  13. I don't know if this is still live for the OP. I read the first page only tut tut. But to the OP you are coming to this with too many ideas. If you sit down with a cup of coffee do you have a view of how this should be done? Must you watch your breath while drinking tea? All these thoughts and ideas are here because sitting (or meditation) has become a doing. When a cat sits there does it have an idea of breathing through its heels? Does it look at the landscape and think, I shouldn't be thinking of the landscape because I then hold a concept about it blah blah. Look. You already are what you are seeking through meditation. No technique can help you draw any closer to what you are already. You simply haven't realized it yet. Whether you want to know the truth or just become less tense meditation is not guaranteed to do either. So, just sit. Stare out of the window and do nothing. Don't have a single care whether you have a head full of thoughts or not, they will gradually, naturally quieten. If you sit there thinking from where do thoughts come and go, that in itself is a thought. You can't clear away the shit if you are thinking about doing so. It happens naturally by doing nothing. Like a cat. Doing nothing. Forget the results. And by the way, the subconscious mind has nothing to do with it.
  14. wei wu wei

    It was either Chuang Tsu, or the Hainantsu, or both that said "sages come to being through non-being" - something like that... Wei also means "being" - be without being. In a sense, it means that when our mind, with all its anxieties, hopes, desires etc gets out of the way then the Way happens of itself. I don't mean that the Way is trying to do something, but there is a natural unfolding of itself, which is affected by the energies through which its expression is manifesting. A person can act without a conscious thought of acting. They can simply respond, or they can do a task with a blank mind. Like a horse standing in a field, it is usually very still and tranquil. When a dog runs towards it, the horse will respond. While this response is calculated at some level, it is not necessarily at a conscious level. Another example, if we practise Qigong and repeat a new move until we "get it" but we continue to repeat the move, the mind will at some point drift off on to other things; be they shopping, the weather, something that must be done etc. So, the brain learns that when an action is repeated it no longer requires conscious effort to keep repeating it, it kind of goes deeper. We are still swinging our arms around, and don't really come out of that trance until bored or the teachers throws in a slight change, and then we have to learn it consciously. So, we are doing but not actively seeking to do, and we are being, without a thought of how to be. It doesn't mean ignorance. It means without concentrated effort. When we experience that the Dao happens anyway, of itself, and we are actually not a "we" but the Dao appearing "as" us, like the fact, nothing is raining rain, nothing is sunning the sun, they are there as a consequence of how Life has unfolded in that moment, we are no different. When we believe that "we" are making things happen, and "we" are masters of our destiny, then this forced... and often severs the flow of how Life is coming into being... so our frustrations and wants can unsettle the energy of what is naturally unfolding. Then we do not have wei wu wei.
  15. Being that there is only one thing; that we call the Dao then fullness is the Dao and Emptiness is the Dao, same too for big and small, here and there, black and white, yin and yang. back and front. In a sense when we argue over emptiness and what it is and is not we are saying. This Dao, is it like that Dao or this Dao? What do I (the Dao) have to do to attain the Dao - ah you must practise meditation (an action of the Dao) to settle the mind (the Dao's energy returning to its natural state of stillness). So what else is there that I (Dao) can do (also Dao) Rather pointless no? An interesting forum nonetheless.