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  1. your post are very interesting and really spark my curiosity, I've got a number of questions for you based on your posts, may I ask them ?

  2. Is the Tao something that always functions whether we fight against it or not, if there is only the tao, then nothing we do can take us away from it? So we still have free will, we can make our individual choices but they are still aligned with the tao because all actions/ possibilities are contained withing the tao? ...............And why does it seem humans take some joy in seeing others suffer or having a difficult time, of all the problems in the world it is the one I find most troubling and strange?
  3. Visualize everything as golden

    I like this............. Im gonna go play my piano carved by gods, tailor made for me, previously my rusty old yamaha
  4. I dunno the people who set interest rates and hold all the money seem pretty powerful to me.
  5. Sex, Transfer of bad energy & entities?

    what is an example of a healthy sexual relationship, I only seem to read and observe the negatives?
  6. Train the weak links in the chain first

    Im left handed and right footed
  7. whats your zodiac Sign ?

    sagittarius with an all fire chart almost no water, yet im extremely introvert.
  8. What is wrong with me?

    Sorry I should have been more specific, I would be volunteering in the IT or administration areas of the organization not directly involved with the people who come for help.
  9. What is wrong with me?

    errr......I think i'm getting worse everyday although I manage to workout everyday and get other things done. I'm booking an appointment to see a councilor. I feel like crying everyday but nothing comes out. I applied to volunteer for an organization that helps people going through similar issues.
  10. What is wrong with me?

    The name Bluemonk does refer to Thelonious monk my favourite musician. I listen to a lot of jazz and classical it provides brief moments of pleasure.
  11. What is wrong with me?

  12. What is wrong with me?

    I feel ashamed too my parents can't even look me in they eyes
  13. What is wrong with me?

    what would be an example of a positive seed?
  14. What is wrong with me?

    Thank you.
  15. What is wrong with me?

    thanks for your analogy, ideas such as finding my 'true nature' seem very distant from where I am, I am trying to just keep my head at this point. The process you describe in the last paragraph is something that maybe makes sense for someone with a degree of efficiency and self assurance in the world.