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  1. natural flooring. ideas?

    I understand now. Thanks for the info.
  2. natural flooring. ideas?

    What is the problem with cork?
  3. Care to elaborate? In Daoism you have work around the three cavities, around lower, middle and upper dantian. This is very similar to me to the yogic attention around the navel (manipuira), heart (anahata) and third eye (ajna) chakras. From my practice experience it's very similar. What I find very different are the kundalini rising eventually throught the sushumna in yoga versus the mco and jing->qi->shen->wu and immortal embry practices in Daoism. But not the chakras and dantian.
  4. I'd say it would be the manipura chakra. It's said to store energy.
  5. It would be nice. But haven't you seen the documentary in which two killer whales kill the whale calf that is with its mother and then after it has died they just swim away, not eating it? So wild animals seem to do that just for fun sometimes.
  6. Leandro, this seminar sounds very interesting, if quite pricey. Can you give us some more information on these points that had been mentioned in the past: 1. The Apple article on the student from Taiwan. 2. The initiation ceremony with the qi/erection test as described by your fellow Malaysian student. 3. We all have heard the story of Jiang's master taking the qi from the cows to pass it on to a person in need for healing or faster progress. Since he was a Shaolin Buddhist monk it looks unusual as they normally follow the non-violence oath. Can you offer a different perspective? 4. You're writing that Jiang is the "5th generation headmaster". In other info it says that he's the 97th generation in the YiJinJing lineage. Which one is right? How do they differ?
  7. I got the impression that Mopai members also believe in reincarnation. I'm not sure about it, though. However, reincarnation seems to be a part of Daoist belief. And even if Mopai is not clearly Daoist in nature, it still seems to be very close to it. But perhaps someone can enlighten us on this aspect. Anyways, I was just wondering, if reincarnation is part of Mopai then how would the limitation of the school to Chinese work, considering that a Westerner like Jim might have been Chinese in a previous life. Or vice versa perhaps a member of Mopai in an earlier incarnation was for example Danish?
  8. I think there are other cultures as well where ancestor worship is practiced. Afro-Brazilian and Native American cultures come to mind. And most likely there are many more.
  9. Blessings to all

    Hello, a very nice site. Have been lurking for quite some time. Looking forward to engaging in great discussions here.