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  1. Hey Oolong, I have two v.good sources i think can help with the ling/kunlun question. I have the following quote from Dr. Baolin Wu,Longmen Pai lineage holder (40 years + Dragon gate and Celestial master sect training) from the White Cloud monastery,Beijing; "The taoists believe each of usis born of both heaven and earth,conceived at the moment of perfect balance between Yin and Yang for our own individual destiny.Before creation,our original essence is formed of Ling Zi,ultra small cosmic particles that circulte throughout the universe.At conception,our Ling is pulled down to fuse with sperm and ovum.At this instant,Ling turns to qi.When we die,our ling (or essesnce) is released to combine with all the other Ling essences in the atmosphere.Once combined,the ling travels through the six realms to be born again in a new form." Lonny S.jarret in his book on the inner tradition of clasical chinese medicine 'Nourishing destiny' states "Let us go back to the beginning;Before the beginning was the dao.Let us call the dao zero,neither negative nor positive;pure potential -ling. ( p.24,note 5 from lagerway,1987.From a personal communication from Jeffery Yuen). Also,Ling is the root of Lingbao- "Biparte term signifyingthe notion of dao as a treasure existing inboth human and heaven.Ling is the heavenly aspect and bao is the earthly aspect identified with jing.Pure potential". Lingbao is the name given to sacred transmissions of knowledge given from heaven to guide humans toward unity with the dao.The transmission of the Kunlun Neigung would,i believe be described as lingbao. With regard to the nature of Kunlun energy;im going to give a guess based on what ive read( have not started the training yet and have not met max yet-will do in january)that the energy activated by the kunlun neigung is not qi.It is activating our electro magnetic field potential energy through the central channel.This clears the way for great chunks of qi to flow at a later date. So,i think that the Kunlun energy is not ling, based on the above passages. Hope this helps. Mark.
  2. Lama Dorje

    Craig, Yes,many thanks for the explanation. I look forward to getting to grips with these. Would it be correct to say that the Red phoenix practice is the Hung lung Zhaun nei gung as described in the book (and on the website i think) ? I have seen Hung Lung translated as fire dragon previously with regards to a Longmen Pai practice called fire dragon qigung .It would be interesting to know whether the two are related-Max's being an earlier form of the Longmen perhaps, or just using the same name. January is gonna be interesting. m
  3. Lama Dorje

    Hey mal, As far as i know Sydney sounds possible. Thats all i know so far,( and im in no position to suggest any authority btw!). As to other locations you should contact mantrs68- chris for information. Keep checking the post.... mark
  4. Lama Dorje

    hey craig, Its almost my first post here,have been a'lurking for a while! I wonder if you could explain about the exercises you mention here? What is the purpose of the Red Phoenix exercise? Is the Mao shan exercise a similar to zhang zhaung?Does it ,as the name implies,work on the 5 elements and 5 main organs? Did Max teach these at the Kunlun seminar? Im going to be assisting in the organising of Max's trip to Australia in January btw. thanks. Mark
  5. How many Aussie Bums?

    Hi clear clouds. Im in sydney and would be very interested to meet your teacher. I have seen his name before ,and tried to contact him but with out success. Ill send you a PM with some questions i have. Thanks for the announcement. Best wishes MArk
  6. Hi there

    Hi My name is mark. Im based in Sydney ,Australia and study Daoist neigung and a line of Yang family taijiquan. Ive been logged on for a while,but only just got around to saying hi. I look forward to geting involved.