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  1. Where to find a genuine qigong master?

    Like most people here I dont know any high level masters . I just thought there would be more qigong healers then chunyun li available thats all. Regards,
  2. Lung Hu Shan Australia

    Are you saying in a roundabout manner they are somehow related to this school ? Thank You
  3. Lung Hu Shan Australia

    I was reading on another forum that there is a john chang student teaching in brisbane australia. There was a website link given which is now closed. Does anybody have some information about this school or how to contact sherfu andreas. Thank You
  4. Where to find a genuine qigong master?

    Out of this entire forum the best they can offer is chunyun li ?
  5. Taobums Q&A with Kosta Danaos

    I guess the time for Questions has finished. I wish somebody had asked about the pa lai chuan kung fu. Can these forms be taught to westerners ? I'm on the understanding kosta knows some of them. I spoke to a guy on the telephone who is a student of john c. He told me there are even individual qigong for the various pa lei chuan patterns ? Also john chang has a special or very traditional kung fu that some students have learned. I'm sure all this information has been missed by jim mcmillan and many others. No doubt they would greatly enhance ones training. Regards,
  6. Aloha Taobums

    Hi, I have come to ask some questions abou the martial arts and meditation.