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  2. Hello, I would define myself a Taoist. I have about 10 books lately on it, Got into about 7-8 years ago. I see Taoism's concepts as: (aka my understanding so far:) 1. Wu Wei- Non Interference, losing or disrupting harmony. 2. Attachment/Desire places a major role as we create our own problems. Of course unless you're a meditation master you need to deal with your problems regardless without escalating them. 3. Basically take it easy. 4. The Tao is that which is before something is created/started. 5. Further Taoist Practice besides the Tao Te Ching involves mostly meditation related stuff. I am one of those investigators of life in all its aspects. Taoist Neidan is interesting although my theory is it is MUCH simpler than it sounds. Not many teachers of it. I do believe in the Ghost(hell) and Shen/Celestial Realms. Therefore, still wrestling with how reincarnation would work into it etc. Glad to Join this Forum as I decided to get into forums related to my interests. Look forward to good discussions and sharing. My name is because I don't know everything about life and would love to meet the omniscient human being/ mortal who does.