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  1. The Monastery of Jade Mountain

    I was able to find my copy and begin reading this book for the second time after 10 years or so. One thing I have noticed this time is that he slips in an allusion to the Taoist Shambala "Tebu Land". Also, a few pages later he is visiting a Buddhist hermitage that was on the site of a miraculous spring. After touring the place, he asks his guide if there is anything else to see there. His guide shows him "Chikung's pagoda." I missed the double entendre the first time I read this book. Anyway, I think perhaps there is a little more to this book than first meets the eye. I am looking forward to reading further.
  2. The Monastery of Jade Mountain

    I read this book several years back. Don't remember a lot of detail but do remember enjoying reading it. Now I have to hunt up my copy and re-read it.
  3. Greetings to all