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  1. About the nature of non existence.
  2. Fundamentals of Yoga

    Google is an easy way to find answers
  3. do dragons exist?
  4. Hanuman Chalisa - Anup Jalota

    Apologies if this is inappropriate here, but one of my favorites.
  5. Mantras

    There is no need to speculate much here. Whether or not mantras came from Sanatana Dharma, most Buddhist mantras came from Vedas. There have been many studies based on linguistics which have conclusive proof. Most mantras even use corrupted names of Vedic deities, deities popular in Indus Valley civilization much before Buddhism appeared on the scene. Most noted tantric Buddhists were Hindu Brahmins who spread teachings to Tibet. Core set of Vajrayana mantras are all derived from Vedic sources, but later Buddhists innovated on their own. Guruyoga has a list of Buddhist mantras and deities and their original Vedic versions on his site. Pali teachings on the other hand have very less mystical formuale, mantras etc. Prof. Sanderson, I was referred to to read more. Vajrayana: It's origin and function The Influence of Śaivism on Pāla Buddhism Tibetan Buddhists did go to India to borrow and Indian Buddhists were no less than any Christina missionaries of Spain in their aggressive attempts to spread Buddhism, sometimes using force, in many places. I would like to hear more on this topic by guruyoga who is a noted teacher of mantras and has traditional learning in both Hindu and Buddhist tantras. ps Please reply to my PM when possible.
  6. When HamSa becomes SoHam

    Guruyoga, I am a beginner too and that was most helpful. Hundun, stop being a jerk.
  7. Spring Forest/Alchemy Correllation

    I practiced SFQ for about a year and saw zero benefits. 1. Is there anyone here who practiced SFQ, was unhappy and found something else that was better? I am a Qigong newbie and am looking for something equally simple but effective for health issues. 2. Chunyi Lin wrote that his Qigong is for health only and not for alchemy or spiritual processes. So, when he himself is saying this, why would there be spiritual benefits? 3. Reading all of Fulllotus' posts I get this: a. Full Lotus is more important than all SFQ exercises and meditations, so just doing full lotus is good and the other exercises don't mean much. b. If you can't do full lotus, then there is not much for one in this system. So, this is really Full Lotus Qigong. I tried hard, failed at full lotus and all the full lotus posts here terribly depressed me. After a year, I eventually gave up SFQ because of the damn full lotus. Can someone tell me about systems which do not insist on - do full lotus or be damned?
  8. Hello Taobums, Is anyone here familiar with the work of Joshua David Stone of I AM University? He seems to be the person behind the various New Age groups today which deal with ascended masters such as Sananda, St. Germain, Wyvamus, Djwal Khul etc. The meditation he teaches is mainly dealing with a set of invocations which invoke these masters and make a series of requests. The claim is, that, these masters respond to these requests and lot of energetic phenomena is experienced. As an example, My question to the forum is: - Is anyone here familiar and has experience with the work of Dr. Joshua David Stone? Any feedback? - Is anyone here familiar with the whole concept of Ascended Masters? Its obviously derived from the Theosophic movement of Blavatsky (who is now known to be fraud?), and modeled after the Hindu Siddhas and Taoist Immortals? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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