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  1. Six Yogas of Naropa

    Other useful tool is the piece used in the back: the fabbric of cotton soaked with water (in reality it's just a piece of synthetic material). Try it yourself: use your wet towel in your back in a cold day, but be careful, no one wants to be sick with a cold in a cold day.
  2. Six Yogas of Naropa

    I was fascinated with tummo practice in the past. I gained too much overweight some years ago and I discovered that the band on the belly is more important because it can cause a real "heat". Anyone with access to "restricted" instructions will talk about that band around the body - the actual piece is sold by a high price at some "Ligmincha" stores, in the Web the price is low. There are two - or more - ways to use the belt. My discovery is: the belt, athough not properly around the belly, causes a pression in the belly, a internal heat. And it's all. Just biology - no magick. Anyone over the weight knows about the result of tight pants.
  3. trekcho or thogal?

    In terms of practice, my own personal experience says that The Flight of the Garuda (that can be found or bought everywhere) is the best "separation and breakthrough" for western minds. The practice begins simple, asking things like: Where is your mind now? In you feet? In your penis? In your head? In your eyes? In your heart? What is the color of your mind? Black? Blue? White? Golden? If you mind is in your body, what happens when you die? Where will be your mind? You need to ask again and again until you perceive that mind is not from this realm of illusion, this world is just a dream. Then you can find that mind, in terms of this world adjectives, is empty. After these there are meditations for shape, budhahood meaning etc. With The Flight of the Garuda you can separate your sem from your rigpa, and discover that you are more than this. In other words: separation from the views, because everything is the same. But, if this is true: a killer has a naturally illuminated center? A raper has a rigpa center? If you purify from the 5 agregates using chakras or philosophy is an unnecessary debate, in one sense all the techniques are one and same technique in various forms until you find rigpa. But study and meditation are the keys.
  4. trekcho or thogal?

  5. trekcho or thogal?

    Although this appears now an almost dead topic, I was just browsing about Batman (!!!) and found this: Batman, Nightwing and Robin went across the world together following the path of Bruce's original training as a family. Seeking to rid himself of the paranoia and fear that had corrupted him, he had his personal demons cut out in a desert ritual performed by the Ten-Eyed Men. This broke him down and forced him to rebuild himself from the start.[145] Going through a spiritual purification ordeal called the 30 Days of Thögal in Nanda Parbat, he spent a month alone in the darkness and looked deeply into his own soul through induced hallucinations. (...) Bat-Devil makes his appearance by storming into GCPD Headquarters demanding the Commissioner when he is woken up as a sleeper agent. Shooting Batman in the chest, he sends him into cardiac arrest and near-death Bruce begins to hallucinate Bat-Mite.[162] Strapped into an operating chair in Bat-Devil's sanctum, he deliriously dreams of his encounters with Joe Chill and having tormented him into committing suicide. This begins flashbacks to his prior experiences with hallucination, including the 30 Days of Thögal[146] and the isolation chamber experiments conducted by Doctor Hurt. Source: http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Batman_%28Bruce_Wayne%29
  6. trekcho or thogal?

    When you're in a black retreat, in a complete dark room, you can hear and see things. These are are hallucionatory experiences. You need this experience to "covince your mind" that visions are possible. You need some exercise to have a good and real experience or this will be just a mind game. The preliminaries in Yeshe Lama involves the three "bodies". I have some mind maps made in FreeMind to help me with this. You have nirmanakya, your phisical body and the physical appearance of all things. You have Sambhogakaya, a type of astral body, this is from the sanskrit Sambhoga that means sexual intercourse (when you find some sex scene in mandalas, that is SAMBHOGAkaya). You have Dharmakaya, dharma means many things as nature, moral etc. Dharmakaya is the real nature of the all things, your real nature. To train Nirmanakaya you need asanas. To "train" Sambogakhaya you need mantras. To train or attain or be Dharmakaya you have Thögal and other practices. Yes, after liberating yourself you can see the sun and see things. What type of things? Hallucionatory things, like ligths and sounds, balls of light, gods speaking to your ear. Without trainning this can be just a illlusion. You need to free yourself in the beginning. Go to a place, practice some relax (Nirmanakaya), pratice a minute of mantra (Sambhogakaya) and then be yourself. Be what you want whitout society: masturbate, laugh, run, spit etc. Just be yourself (if you have some experience in dark retreat, stay in the dark room, then you can do it more easily). If you find the trainning the teaching will come to you, with or without help of someone. Just try.
  7. Correspondence of Feats

    In The Practice of Simhamukha (or Sinhamukha) you enter in the mandala's center (in your imagination). After assumtpion of the form of the dakini Simhamukha, there is a vibration of a mantra (just a sequence of tibetan syllables). When something grows bad (like revenge or rage or fear) the solution is the reversed Simhamukha mantra. The person practising this will mantain his attention in the center, with various Simamukhas aroud he/she (visualized in imagination). Every color has a meaning and a element and Buddha family. With complete identification with Simhamukha and with some prayes in sanskrit, the "magician" can change the environment and the world through intention. Yes, identification with magical images is the key. But this is not only true for Dzogchen magick but for Golden Dawn magick. Assumption of God forms has very practical uses not described in The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, just a little meditation can clear the matter.
  8. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

  9. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    I already posted it in other place but I believe that these Dzogchen books will interest people here, it's a - removed by moderator removed by moderator removed by moderator removed by moderator Before the end of december I'll post the - removed by moderator. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod Team Copyright violation is not permitted. Please refrain from posting unauthorized links to copy written material or your membership will be terminated. Thank you for your cooperation Mod Team Out ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Free Information

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