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  1. A review of AYP from an ex practitioner

    its just weird...
  2. A review of AYP from an ex practitioner

    T.I., I am doing well Sir, thanks and yes we need to get the word out about AYP BS , it's not being negative at all IMO... just calling a spade a spade
  3. A review of AYP from an ex practitioner

    Well alrighty then...Glad to see some people speaking out! where do I start.... Ok the 'I Am' mantra... seriously, it's almost laughable, westerners will fall for anything And Yoganis explanation and understanding of Bhakti is absolute trash bar none! That alone is enough to abandon him and his stupid 'Watered down for Dummies' yoga system. truth be told; That Yoganinibabayaba fellow, has put some strange spin on things that he doesn't seem to understand as much as his audience thinks...in the first place... (good to see you T.I) and Merry Christmas to All..! go figure
  4. Patanjali's Sutras and Samyama questions

    T.I., Just saying a quick hello, good to see you here! I'm busy working now....I'll post more later. But one small thing ; Yogani being the great distiller of the Yoga System and Hinduism would get a better grasp of the traditions he is distilling if he knew Sanskrit.. I am not 100% sure if he does not, he may know a little, but I am pretty damn sure its minimal. I can tell by some of his pronunciations in his audios/videos I also wonder how much time he has spent in India if any.
  5. Patanjali's Sutras and Samyama questions

    another thing about AYP, no one over there, no matter how long they have been doing I AM meditation cannot discuss or tell you the history OR origins of the I AM mantra. If you directly ask, you will be told you have to ask Yogani or they will give you a link to one of Yoganis teachings... How weird, How Weird How Fucking weird... NONE of them can answer this question, it speaks heaps about blindly following thats for sure...
  6. Patanjali's Sutras and Samyama questions

    Hey Hey Mr Ice, Glad your still here! I have missed you for a while. Yes AYP is a hodgepodge of bullshit that no one is allowed to question. Yogani is in hiding from all the ex AYPers who are looking to confront him. He's basically a pussy, who does not allow anyone to question or differ from him in his ivory tower over there. His followers are just plain weird!