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  1. Ming Liu this excellent teacher is now in hospice with 4th stage cancer. if you pray, if you know how precious a good teacher is, pray for his journey to be gentle and filled with love.
  2. i love this master. Any one want to discuss?
  3. This person needs professional help, I am not being callus in suggesting this, many people have this problem within my family and friends. They have an imbalance. Sometimes they need only minimal help, some need more. Denying this is enabling mental instability. Enabling ensures this mental difference in balance will hurt this person and the people this person comes in contact with. It is unfortunate but true that we actually do need to be socially responsible and socially acceptable for harmony as a group of humans within our culture. Other cultures have different views and levels of acceptable behavior for mentally different people. Either live with this culture in harmony ie. get help or move to a different culture. You asked for folks opinions, this is mine.
  4. For the sake of clarity:I am 100% certain it's the Sanskrit version which I am asking for and need. I now am asking for the audio recitation of the Arya Manjushri Nama Samgiti, in Sanskrit. I appreciate the link you provided and I'm listening to it right now. I love what he is teaching, and his style. (Cute all the giggling.) The venerable Lama is talking about reciting under the Bodhi tree, and the way in which one should focus, which is wonderful. But, there is no Sanskrit recitation. Thank you for the link Gap.
  5. does anyone know where I can find audio of the Arya Manjushri Namasamgiti in Sanskrit? I want to practice reciting for the Monlam Chenmo in Bodh Gaya later this year. I have the written text, but want to hear it to practice and pronounce properly, perhaps even memorize.
  6. Yeshe Lama Thogal book? There was one translated In English which is out of print at the moment called "Instructions on the Six Lamps" available via Vajracakra, does us no good right now, but maybe in the future. I'd rather have but so difficult to find.
  7. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    Maybe I misunderstand, but if one is not ready they won't understand it anyways, thus self secret. I guess the danger is that they "think" they understand and do something stupid. Right?
  8. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    Keith Dowman made a translation available on Amazon for about $28, not restricted. Buy me a copy for telling about it... Please
  9. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings Ready or not here it comes!
  10. Emptiness

    I bet less people realize it that you think. Indeed it is very rare. It's not a good idea, in fact it's very naive to be fooled by false teachers. Don't trust what you hear, see, feel and read with your ordinary mind. Apply what you hear and read to your daily living experience, notice what happens, and don't even trust the noticer, mind can be tricky. Just be open to knowing that you don't know. You truly and really do not know. There is a big difference between understanding and accepting the conceptual logic and actually realizing it. Being clever with words doesn't mean one realizes. When in conversation one uses koan type answers to sound smart is basically a conversation stopper and a show of ignorance. Give me one who can answer and communicate in a way that blows my mind and I'm right there. One who can pull me out of ordinary mind with their presence and/or words. I know fo sho I do not realize it, in a daily living experience way, but I have confidence in the logic as presented in teachings by masters, true masters as taught, quoted and presented by an authentic teacher with a trusted lineage. If you are not upset after reading Nagajuna, something is wrong, he blows all philosophy out of the water in just a couple of sentences. Let a master teach you, and go in not knowing. The open kind of not knowing, not the "I'm such and idiot" not knowing. My 2 cents.
  11. free streaming documentaries

    I'm glad you guys agree. It really is so cool, such a variety of full length films, FREE!
  12. Favourite Buddhist Books

    Nice suggestions up there... Jonathan Livingston Seagull, man o man good stuff! I've read a lot of (all of) Tarthang Tulku for much of my path, very practical Dzogchen beginning to end without using the Dzogchen puffed up, prideful language. Then the Time, Space, and Knowledge series is the BOMB Dzogchen without ever mentioning Buddhism. Just kind of leads you thru the universe of your own mind- opening vastness before your eyes. That stuff blows me away. I love Keith Dowman's Maya Yoga, Flight of the Garuda and Old Man Basking in the Sun. Most recently however I happened upon Tony Duff, I have such a hard time with his translations. Im finding I can't connect, I get the words, but I just can't connect. Weird how that can happen. I would like to read Yeshe Lama, the Snow Lion published one by Lama Chonam, I read Tony Duffs, but I think I'd like the other one better. Still searching for Crystal Cave too, anyone willing to share? I'll trade Tony Duffs YL for the other one?
  13. Yeshe Lama Thogal teachings

    What is 'crazy'? Why all the contrasts? Who is to say what a tantric practitioner 'should' look like? They can look like everyone else, making money or wearing suits or a homeless girl, a prostitute. Same with Dzogchen practitioners too, one can't pretend to "know" what form a practitioner comes in. Freedom and joy are not somewhere else. Once in the path everything-- craziness, even magic looks extremely ordinary. Ordinary looks crazy, then it doesn't matter any more. That's when all that can possibly manifest is good for all. Then thogal happens, it just does. I trust that I put out that I wanna read it (Yeshe Lama) and it will happen. Even an empowerment of any kind doesn't matter. Watch and see. I'll tell you when it comes...