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  1. Hey madmuhhh, hope you are doing well. 

  2. How do I retain my seed/energy?

    Hi there, first of all, please do take everything I write with a grain of salt. I am no master or expert of anything and all I can offer you is my personal experience/opinion. But either way, you can still consider it. It might be of value, or it might not, I dunno. The way it appears to me, yes, you are definitely overthinking this. Because, you know, the thing is, your body is incredibly smart. You can't try to force it to do what you want. It just doesn't work. And actually, you don't want to force your body anyways, because it knows much better what it needs than your mind does. So, I really don't think what you need is another technique or exercise or trick or anything to retain your semen. You seem to have tried a lot of those already anyways, and it didn't really seem to do what you want. And I think this should tell you something. Because you know, semen retention is all well and great and fine and I am not denying that it has a lot of tremendous benefits. But in my personal opinion, if you have to force your body to retain semen, if you have to even try to do that, in other words, if it doesn't come naturally to you, you are doing something wrong. And I think that can do a lot of damage actually. That's at least my very own, personal experience. So just seeing the health benefits of semen retention without realizing that it might actually be hurting you or at the very least not serving you, is a bit one-sided in my opinion. And that's basically the reason why I wanted to join in here. To offer a different position. Make of that what you want.
  3. Yeah, I already know about Concerning the other sites. Woah, holy smokes! Soo many Chinese characters! Who the hell is supposed to be able to read that!? Those Chinese people are simply crazy. Haha, just kidding. My Chinese is fairly basic though, so we'll see if I'll be able to make much of those sites. The fact that I only know simplified characters, doesn't help either. 我说一点儿汉语。 But thanks anyways!
  4. Hey there, I am currently looking out for some appartments and I was just wondering, what exactly is the reason for this? The noise level?
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    That's awesome!
  6. Thanks for the long response, I really appreciate that. That's cool! Might actually even be a bit overwhelming for me, as I'm not really that well versed concerning what kind of martial art styles exist and what specific styles are good for or not. Any suggestions how to best locate a specific school? Are there specific places to go, should I just google it, ask people, or what would be a good strategy? And yeah, six months probably isn't enough time to really get into any of those things deeply. I'm kinda wondering whether I should have applied for a whole year instead. But then again, I'm not sure whether I really could stand just doing language courses for a whole frickin year. ^^ And thanks for pointing me to the forum, I definitely will check that one out. @Dorian Black: Thanks for those links, took a quick look at them and was overwhelmed by the amount of text, so I will check those out later.
  7. Hi there fellow Bums! I recently got the confirmation that I will be granted a scholarship for learning Chinese in Taiwan during the next semester (starting in September). So I will go to Taipei for half a year and study at the National Chengchi University. Right now, I'm in my second semester of learning Mandarin, so I do know some Chinese already, even though I only know fairly basic stuff. Since this is the first time I'm visiting Taiwan/Taipei and I want to make the most out of those six months and I assume that at least a few of you people might have been in Taiwan (or mainland China) already, I wanted to ask you people for some help and advice. So anything, that you think that could be helpful from getting by in a foreign country/university, finding a place to live, places I just need to visit, where to find good food, and of course anything that is cultivation/qigong/bagua/tcm related, e.g. good places or people to learn that stuff from would be greatly appreciated. Really anything, even if it's the most trivial seeming bit of advice. I already do have one basic questions. I already know that accommodation is relatively expensive and food and transportation are dirt cheap (judging by middle European/German standards). So what about clothes and electronic devices?
  8. What are you listening to?

    That song is so amazing! One of my favourite NIN songs. The Still version of SICNH is great too.
  9. free will is BS

    I study Philosophy, so I am not gonna post anything here on the topic of free will. It would just make things so much more confusing and weird.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Any QOTSA fans/friend around here?
  11. Moderator Dictatorship

    Not at all.
  12. Edit: Ahh, wait, this is nonsense.
  13. I guess the "just letting thigs happen"-aspect is a big one here. And while it does often lead to some "energetic" phenomena for me, like for example having magnetic-like sensation in the hands/arms/body I think it's really more about expressing/heightening emotions for me.
  14. Not really sure if this counts so much as dancing "differently". I think the basic idea is to try to "feel into" the music while also maintaining great awareness of your body and to just let your body be moved to and by the music. So it's a bit like doing spontaneous qigong movements, just that what you trying to express with your body is not the unfolding of your energy or whatever you might call that, but rather you're trying to express the music and the feeling connected to it.