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  1. Any bums workout?

    Legendary Abs for the gut. Its old, but you can find a PDF floating around somewhere on the web. Its very fast and effective. Hindu pushups, incline pushups, bench dips, pull ups, chin ups. Bike, sprints, and walking for legs and cardio. I use dumbells for tricep pullovers, and e-z curl bar for biceps. I try to not rely on external things for exercise as much as possible, just so I can workout reliably when I am not at home. And lots of stretching.
  2. So what is it?

    Either totally sci-fi alien language, or a mold for objects of that shape. That's all the guesses I have
  3. Any other Anime fans out there?

    I have only seen the first series, and Conquerors of Shambala. I'd like to see the 2nd, but I don't get much time for entertainment atm. And the bulk of it seems to be going to this site, heh. So much to read.
  4. Monk Who Came Back Fom Hell!

    "Organizing" is bad how? Speaking freely is speaking freely, whether its is spur of the moment or planned with a group of 50 people a week in advance. I'd sooner run the risk of hearing something I did not want to on the street and walking away, than having to worry about whether sharing my ideas was legal or not. Just because you dont like a particular freedom, is not a good reason to surrender it to the government, because I doubt you'll ever get it back. Is there any risk to your life or well-being if you challenge these missionaries intellectually? If not, have them account for what they are saying, since you see them often enough. Threatening people with Hell is wrong. Find out who they work through and lodge a complaint. Educate the people that they are dealing with. Just standing by and being angry isn't helping anything. "Destroying native cultures and traditions" sounds a bit far-fetched, unless these missionaries are going beyond exchanging ideas. And honestly, if they are that rooted in their native culture, I doubt they will be swayed by other ideas. I know someone will probably want to take this the wrong way, but please understand that what I mean here is purely from a point of thought, not a condemnation of anyone's culture. If their beliefs are so feeble that they become spooked by someone telling them they are going to Hell, what good was their belief to begin with? I'd be willing to bet that even though these people are under-educated, they still possess a reasonable degree of insight and wisdom, possibly more so. More than likely they are just poor and see Christianity as a way out, especially since the missionaries are most probably handing out food and medical care.
  5. Nazareth- The Town Theology Built

    Nazareth would not have had any major ammenities, because it was pretty much a slum, from what I've learned. John 1:45-46 kind of corroborates this: "45Philip found Nathanael and said to him, "We have found him of whom Moses in the Law and also the prophets wrote, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph." 46Nathanael said to him, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Philip said to him, "Come and see." 静かな子
  6. Any other Anime fans out there?

    Full Metal Alchemist really did it for me. It'll keep you busy though, with 51 episodes. Starts off kinda simple and goofy, but really picks up along the way. Ghost in the Shell I thought was decent. There were a few episodes of Cowboy Bebop that I found really moving, but not many. Samurai Champloo was pretty decent. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke were good. Also found that my public library (in the middle of nowhere) has a couple hundred anime DVD's, all pretty much standard 2 hour movies. Many don't appeal to me, but some of the non-actiony, drama type were oddly interesting. Wish I could remember the names . . . but just an idea to check your library. I like free stuff. 静かな子
  7. Monk Who Came Back Fom Hell!

    I'm sure some minority of evangelists do, and its always the bad ones that get the attention, just like any other group. Most missionaries (and I have known a few) do not attempt to coerce anyone. But really, who wants to report on what the charity I volunteer at is doing, when Fred Phelps is so much juicier? Muslim countries vary in what they permit to be said, but they are fairly universal in that you dont get to say much at all promoting ANY non-Muslim faith. I really hope you don't see that as positive.
  8. My poem for you...

    Well said.
  9. A Return to the Tao Bums

    People with spiders in their souls
  10. The Pagan Christ

    St Nicholas wasnt real either?
  11. A Return to the Tao Bums

    Business Cat!
  12. Do Ya'll guys drink?

    Nope. I likes it too much.
  13. The Pagan Christ

    I would have to think Jesus was real. It would seem kind of odd for all the Disciples to endure agonizing deaths (with the exception of John) for someone that they fabricated. Unless you are suggesting that they were fabricated as well.
  14. A Troubled Mind

    I have many of the same issues, including the divorced parents (they divorced when I was 9 months) and the lack of motivation to complete things. A few things that helped me out: 1) Set a fairly rigid schedule. I do all my training (physical, mental, spiritual) at the same times every day. Some days I don't feel like doing it, but I do anyway. When I don't want to, I remember what my Sifu once told me;"Dude, you got to kick that ************ in the ****". Not the most eloquent philosophy, but when I am at that level, its pretty much the only thing that works. 2) Examine yourself honestly for your strengths, and pursue them. There is something in your life that you absolutely love to do, are good at, and is useful to others who are willing to pay for that skill/service. Sometimes its just hard to recognize. Focus on it until you find it. I had a horrible tendency to chase anything shiny rather than focus on my strength. 3) Remove time-sinks from daily activities. Everyone needs some recreation time, but watch that it doesn't take over. If it becomes addictive, just remove it entirely. I will never look back and say "I wish I had wasted more time doing X". I used to kill quite a bit of time doing useless things, that could have been spent improving myself. I hope this was helpful! 静かな子
  15. Should Teachers Charge $$ For Teaching?

    A teacher must pay rent, buy food and clothing, and do everything else that a non-teacher does.