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  1. I'm curious how many exist. I'v never heard of any before, but apparently there are lineages.
  2. looking around trying to learn more about the different lineages.
  3. Besides B.k. Frantzis I want to know about others. Oh and besides Mantak Chia. Did Mantak really just steal information from a taoist master and print it off? I would also like to know if they offer any books or products.
  4. No taoist temples in my state :(

    anything else that I should be looking for?
  5. Why is it your favorite?
  6. what makes taoism unique?

    What are the interesting aspects of taoism? Also what are the core concepts of taoism? What is a taoist?
  7. Beginner taoist meditations?

    Topic says it all.
  8. Is honor bullshit?

    What is Taoist view on honor? If there's nothing good or bad surely there's no true honor. When people do something good they always look to their peers to show them they're the more amazing person. Is honor bullshit? Backup your statement with actual proof. Don't give me your opinion. I don't care about your opinion. I want to know the Taoist view of honor.
  9. Introduction

    Hi.... I'm a beginner of taoism thought it would be interesting to join a forum on the subject. I'll see you around.