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  1. Translators of the TTC

    Thank you very much, I don't usually like online documents because I like to get away from my computer and the waY I do that is by reading. In this instance its very handy though because I can drop words I don't know into google translate.
  2. Translators of the TTC

    Can anybody recommend me a translation that resembles the following format; Hanzi Pinyin English The English being a more literal transinterpretation. No commentry is necessary but would be nice. I want a fomatt like this because I am learning Mandarin and want to apply my pinyin reading skills to gaining a less language dependant insight into the DDJ.
  3. Grand Master Wang Liping Ten day Private Intensive

    I couldn't finish that book personally, found it too unbelievable/was not convinced, but then again I am a massive skeptic.
  4. Introducing myself

    That's where the similarity between Avatar or poster ends
  5. Introducing myself

    argh that it be!
  6. Introducing myself

    Namaste fellow Dao Bums, I am new to the forum so here is my customary first post. I am not new discussion forums or Daoism however and regularly post at the Tea House under the same user name. I suspect you have a few other Tea House posters also lurking somewhere around here In the real world I live in the UK and am a 30 year old male, microbiologist by vocation, jack of all trades by profession. Hopefully I'll enjoy my time here, I can't say how much I will be able to commit to the community discussion but I'm sure I'll have plenty to read and learn if even if I have get little time to contribute. Be well Q