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  1. Master Wang died from what was diagnosed as a sudden heart attack. He passed away very quickly. Since both his mum, aunt, uncle, sisters and brothers have some kind of heart disease, it seems to be something that runs in the family. I doubt that it had something to do with his practice. On the contrary, his practice allowed him to not experience any problems before this sudden onset as far as I know. He was a great teacher as well as a really humble person, and will be missed.
  2. Xing Shen Zhuang Levels 1-3

    Hi I have been practicing XSZ for about six years now. Initially the version taught by David (Verdesi), but the last years my main teacher has been prof Wang Ting Jun, who is also one of Davids teachers in XSZ. There are some differences in what Wang teaches compared to the version David gives as part of his foundation training, but in large it is the same form. To my knowledge, the version found in Zhineng Qigong is also basically the same form, but done quite a bit smaller and also more simplified. XSZ practice can by quite physically demanding, since the objective is really to prepare the body for the sitting practice, but is the best system I have found for opening up the joints and tendons and promoting general qi flow in the body. There are several teachers in Sweden that offer classes in XSZ, but if you would like to go deep in the system I recommend coming either to the retreat with professor Wang (we host him for a nine day retreat in Sweden end of March-beginning April), or going to the seminar with David in Denmark this summer. For the retreat with prof Wang, some previous knowledge of the form is required, but I think there will be a beginners week with Jette in Denmark prior to the seminar with David. More info can be found on http://www.qigonginstitutet.se/ (unfortunately only in swedish) and http://www.chikungskolen.dk/english/index.htm
  3. Introduction

    Hi After some weeks of lurking on this forum I finally decided to take the great step to actually register... Anyway, I live in Sweden and has been practicing martial arts around 18 years, and been involved in Taoistic arts and practices the last eight of these. My main current practices are Taijiquan, Bajiquan and Xing Shen Zhuang as taught by professor Wang Ting Jun. I also work as a shiatsu practitioner and a Gyrotonic instructor. Greetings to all of you Taobums out there!