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  1. hello

    Namaste & Welcome!
  2. Hello from SA, TX

    Namaste & Welcome! There is a 20 minute Qigong video on Youtube that I like to use ~ ~ I'm sure other members will assist here and also suggest some Tai Chi
  3. Hi all

    Namaste & Welcome
  4. La Dank Skunk Says Hello

    Cool. Welcome
  5. qi experience?

    Spontaneous indeed, nice to meet you!
  6. Hi everyone.

    Namaste & Welcome
  7. Hallo!

    Namaste & Welcome!
  8. I am back.

    Namaste & Welcome back!
  9. Lily Of The Day

    Great pictures!
  10. signing in

    Keep the momentum! Namaste
  11. The central point

    Peace & Welcome
  12. Nihao from China

    Namaste & Welcome!
  13. White Tiger Sage!

  14. ~ "Your head is in your mind."

  15. hello

  16. Are you proud of your nationality?

    I live on Earth, nuff said!
  17. Interesting to read what all of you think about this, personally I agree with Jetsun and think its down to preference. I have tried both and find little difference between them.
  18. Hi from astralc

  19. Hello

  20. Hello

  21. Hello all

    Welcome Albert!
  22. Just wanted to know what you Tao Bums have for the most important meal of the day
  23. What are you listening to?

  24. Hi from "Basher"

    Namaste & welcome