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  1. The Mysterious Female

    You do not fix, you return to what was perfect to begin with, not needing a start or an end.
  2. Bodhi Meditation

  3. Your deities?

    Lord Bam, he's the guy with the B*D*SS M*THERF*CKER wallet
  4. Bad friends and companions

    just exorcised you bro, that was me, wanzushri bam. i was the guy who sent her back to hell or wherever that shit comes from
  5. ...

    me AND jeff my brother are always on, just like always on
  6. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    i am from the kalahari, and around here we dance it out, steal everything and live underground in paris,

    so that's were my pyramid was. I'm so bad at directions.
  8. holy crap! Special Head levitates on American TV

    guess what guys, that was macklemore and yes he did float with magical powers, just like hes been making music with his mind this whole time.
  9. Auditory hallucinations

    they should end tonight.
  10. Kundalini

    He's me, and he's a buddha. He has a giant ass demon sword and he kills demons for a living. For you.
  11. Kundalini

    if you need to slow down your awakening, just say malaksam maha manjushri, all saving is he.
  12. Astral Projection?

    If, before sleep, you meditate on the image in my avatar, you will visit my pure land in your dreams and receive direct instruction from me. cant promise I wont just be laughing my ass off tho.
  13. I got spooked the other night.

    that was me bro
  14. The first world war...is still happening

    Drew is completely correct on all fronts. Everybody listen to what he's saying.
  15. Who Am I?! I Am Who!

    the truth is freedom. congratulations, you are now enlightened, get back to work.
  16. What is the point

    In your meditations, if you are determined, you will eventually be able to go wherever you feel like, fly through the air, et cetera. The buddha was not trapped in his 'mortal shell'. He could multiply himself, divide himself, transform, subdue gods and demons, control the elements, and was functionally immortal because he found and actualized nirvana. We can all cultivate to this level. There is an antidote to all suffering. From the suffering of limitation to the suffering of mental anguish. Don't give up, there's a world of untold wonder out there that most have barely scratched the surface of.
  17. Descriptions and explanations of "The Now"

    Take the spokes out from a wheel and what happens? Karma is unfounded, and so everything in the world is like a googolplex of runaway trains smashing into each other at the same time. But the thing is the trains have no wheels, so it's like the silliest stop motion film ever. Every moment stands on it's own, but in every frame of the stop motion film you'll see all the trains with no wheels heading toward disaster in the background and foreground, like a dastardly villain chained them all together with adamantine confetti. Everyone's trying to come to a grinding halt but the brakes are broken, so you have to jump out of the train and do a barrel roll on to the other side before it all blows up in your face. Thankfully there's huge wide open awkward silences between each frame. One minute you're in the train, the next moment you're dusting off your tuxedo. I don't know if this helps you, but i found it humorous to envision.
  18. Descriptions and explanations of "The Now"

    Impossible. The here and now is not where you think you are right now, which is in the past, and entirely a concept, possibly imaginary. 'Here' is not a place, nor a time. Here is awareness unattainable by any grasping, beyond the concepts of past, present and future. You aren't doing any posting here. There isn't anything happening here. Everything in awareness is like a snapshot of suchness, totally disjointed and without activity of any kind truly arising... the locomotion that makes things appear to move is your own karmic dispositions. Moment to moment awareness is just that, and each moment stands alone, frozen in a mandala of unimaginable depth, wheel rainbows moving in strange harmonies creating the brilliant, silent music we erroneously call human life and grasp on to as if they were solid 'things'.
  19. Immortality

    When dissonance has been entirely eliminated from your mind's echo, you have attained the indestructible rhythm of life everlasting. Immortality is the sound of the conqueror, the taste of which is the mind free from stains. No windowpane, we do not look outside from within, the dust in our eye are really flowers in the sky. Even the gods die some day, but this is the deathless. Let the ashes of sensation gather on the face of the world. See your body as a funeral urn, nirvana with remainder burning on the ground of inevitable release, and hang yourself by the crown. Her wedding gown is the naked sky. Just look and you'll see why. I apologize for the rhyming. Now you know why it seems that the masters lie, with their rhymes and their koans, simile and poem. They can't help it, divine inspiration comes along with timing, and everything is measured just so. The world is narrative. Suspend your disbelief and you suspend time, kronos, the thief. Do you know what you can't do? Neither does the self. It turns out, turn back in before any thing, the hardest part was always the space, this whole world is just like a vase. Conch. Isn't this? If existence is sound, who speaks it as such? Thus have you heard, but how much was literal? Look at your nature and see. What is a bee? Nothing much, or all that you can see? This just came to mind when I saw your thread, I thought I should post it. If you're wondering why it took so long for me to post, it's not because I was trying hard to think it up, it just happened suddenly. I was wondering whether or not I should delete it all and leave. Who appreciates the advice of a sphinx?
  20. Do I need glasses?

    its very important to make sure your face is free of tension, and the muscles by your ears and neck without stress. Massage is good too. You will still probably need that silence regardless. All of the stimulation in our society is extremely unhealthy, and when your energy is not matched by equal amounts of mindfulness and awareness, it causes problems like what you said. When the mind is riding the brain around, jumping from one sensory object to another, that causes friction and fire. When you relax into your center, just relaxing right now without trying to do anything, that fire is engulfed by water and the whole body cools down
  21. Do I need glasses?

    The world is see-through. When energy starts returning to the brain, it becomes possible to see into higher spectrum of light by concentrating and stilling the eyes. The energy is a laser, and the object is the cross hair. That's what the first portion of your post is referring to, I think. It's probably the second portion as well. When energy starts saturating the body, which is just a huge glorified eyeball, the reception of stimuli becomes more harmonious. It's all just patterns in constant motion anyway. Still,
  22. "Compassion means skillful action" - huh?

    Compassion is primordial. Only by everything working together in incredible precision does anything work correctly, the very fabric of reality is like an incredible dance where everything is supporting everything else. Bees must all be in harmony for a hive to prosper, and it is due to following the rhythm of nature that life lives long. Veering from the natural way of harmony between inside and outside leads to a swift death.
  23. Inner Worlds Movie

    Thanks for the link, I'll watch it.