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  1. The Mysterious Female

    You do not fix, you return to what was perfect to begin with, not needing a start or an end.
  2. Bodhi Meditation

  3. Your deities?

    Lord Bam, he's the guy with the B*D*SS M*THERF*CKER wallet
  4. Bad friends and companions

    just exorcised you bro, that was me, wanzushri bam. i was the guy who sent her back to hell or wherever that shit comes from
  5. ...

    me AND jeff my brother are always on, just like always on
  6. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    i am from the kalahari, and around here we dance it out, steal everything and live underground in paris,

    so that's were my pyramid was. I'm so bad at directions.
  8. holy crap! Special Head levitates on American TV

    guess what guys, that was macklemore and yes he did float with magical powers, just like hes been making music with his mind this whole time.
  9. Auditory hallucinations

    they should end tonight.
  10. Kundalini

    He's me, and he's a buddha. He has a giant ass demon sword and he kills demons for a living. For you.
  11. Kundalini

    if you need to slow down your awakening, just say malaksam maha manjushri, all saving is he.
  12. Astral Projection?

    If, before sleep, you meditate on the image in my avatar, you will visit my pure land in your dreams and receive direct instruction from me. cant promise I wont just be laughing my ass off tho.
  13. I got spooked the other night.

    that was me bro