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  1. I'm not sure what to make of this

    It sounds like a reasonable explanation except the people I take care of aren't very old. The place I work for is strictly for people in wheelchairs so we have people in from the age of 24-52. One of the ladies is early 40's and the other in her late 40's. What were you doing when you saw yourself?
  2. I'm really not sure what to make of this, maybe someone can help. First off, I have had out of body dreams where I have died but I think the dying dreams are from my fear of death. The thing that has me confused is that I am a caregiver for people that are for the most part independent,and it's an assisted living type of building. About a month ago one of the ladies asked me why I was in her apartment because she saw me walking out of her bedroom. I wasn't in her room and was getting someone up and ready for the day. Then, a few days ago a different lady pulled her call-light. When i got to her room she wanted to know where I went because she said she was talking to me and next thing she knew I was gone, again, I wasn't in her room. It's confusing cause people are seeing me and talking to me when I'm not there? Anybody know what's going on? Should I be worried. Thanks
  3. Newbie here

    Hoping to find answers to some questions