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  1. Any Italians here?

    Do ya have a teacher in the ex Berlusconi Land? Dove risiedi m'aman. Gassho L.
  2. Any Italians here?

    The semen and mind should be controlled and conserved. Neutral men are the devil's allies Ad Maiora L.
  3. hello

    Thank you Todd. I have done a looot of sitting during my lifetime, thats why I change with standing. But you r right. We got to be balance. Thank,s man for your kindness. Lucio Ps If you plain to come to Italy let me know. Mi casa es to casa. Ciao
  4. hello

    dear People Glad to have found this forum. I am lucio from italy. I have been practicing Zen at San Francisco City Center 4 many years. Good to be back to the old continent. I have a question bout standing meditation. I usually stand for 3 hours every day. Is it too much? Gassho Lucio