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  1. Meditation Resources

    Hi Friends I have been a lurker on this forum for about a week and have been reading two excellent threads, book recommendations by C T and a thread on guided meditations by thelerner. I am not a total beginner to meditation but certainly not an accomplished meditator. I retired today and finally have the luxury of time for the first time in my rather tiring life. I would like to finally dedicate serious and sincere time to meditation. I would request all you kind folks here to recommend some resources. Books - Kindle format would be best, if possible. Books on theory and practice of meditation, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu/Tantra, Non-dual inquiry - all kinds. The books that really helped you meditate, that taught you techniques that you still use, those kinds. Guided Meditations - I find it really easy to meditate using guided audio. Some of my favorites are Pema Chodron and Greg Larsen's Tolle meditations. Any good guided meditation recommendation? Any kind is good Thank you all ladies and gentleman for your kind help Joe
  2. Hello

    Hello Forum, A simple normal middle aged guy starting his spiritual practices late in life. Hope late than never.