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  1. ChiDragon i think the work your doing here is wonderful. Its really the first glimpse many of us get into real translation. I look forward to reading all your posts. Great Job.
  2. $10.00 USD really,Will that be cheque or cash ?. Moderator please verify my ip address is not from australia but from the united states so i can collect my money. I will donate $5000 straight off to That is if he is a man of his word ? Very considerate of you more_pie_guy Chu
  3. Well this is a very sad story and can only spell trouble for all those involved including john. I was under the impression that you were not allowed to profit from the mopai, regardless of your self centred goals. Is the book going to be freely distributed among the poor seekers who cant afford it ? More bad karma for for all. Heaven forbid this information gets into the hands of the MMA/NHB World. I have been told there are no techniques outlined in this book, but thats not the point. Its only a matter of time before this information is in the hands of everybody thanks to guys like you.
  4. another bum

    ghfgjhdfhfdhdfhdfhfdh fggdsfgsdfgs
  5. My Sad Story

    So whats this guys problem anyway ?
  6. Hi Everyone

    What a great forum !
  7. My Sad Story

    Just ignore any further messages from the guy. He obviously has no life
  8. hello

    Looks like a great place to share
  9. My Sad Story

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mod Action I took out the garbage Mod Out ~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. Hello

    Looks like a great place to share