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  1. suggestions for the recipe of my growth?

    I would have to agree here sounds like your results are great if something is working keep doing it you can add to it.
  2. New member

    Welcome to the forum it always nice to have people open to new ideas and tecs Much love Trent
  3. Future problems

    I like your post Dont agree with all but That is what makes these forums great Thanks Trent
  4. Future problems

    I feel I am responsible for my own reality. If it sucks then I suck.
  5. Future problems

    If is true that we create our own reality then all are right here. What do you want?
  6. Magnetic Qigong & Peter Ragnar

    depending where you put them a high gauss but small magnet is good on the pineal gland (strong but only penetrates a little) bigger and thicker under the feet (usually not as high gauss but can penetrate for feet). really get the chi going I love them
  7. Magnetic Qigong & Peter Ragnar

    Its a little in-depth to get in to but try them under feet and on third eye negative north is the side you will want facing body. If you already practice qigong I dont think it will take more than a week or so to see that they work. (There is a difference in grades of magnets)
  8. new here

    thanks for the welcome Trent
  9. Magnetic Qigong & Peter Ragnar

    I practice magnetic qigong and like it . And have lessened to and read pretty much all peter has put out there. I dont think he has ever claimed anything that he or science can not prove. His info is worth looking at a little closer. Trent
  10. new here

    Hi I am new to site dont rally know how I found it was looking at some kriya forums and ended up here looks pretty cool. oh yes why I joined this site I was reading a post of to people who practiced two different styles and was one of the first times I ever seen it civil with a genuine intrest in each other