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  1. The Positive Development Empire

    For Celestial & Group Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu introduction - Tao Wu Shin Tai Chi & Free Form Tension Training Technique - Please consider that I am still in training - I do not claim to be a Master of Tao Wu Shin Kung Fu - merely a teacher. In my tradition there is a minimum of 10 years training before one may realize Mastery - in most cases this occurs in between 10 & 15 years. With that said I hope you enjoy the demonstrations - these are the first I have ever produced. Regards & best wishes Jing
  2. The Positive Development Empire

    FYI your video is nearly ready - Thank you for being patient with me. J
  3. The Positive Development Empire

    Hello Celestial and group I looked into your suggestion to make a video and borrowed a web-cam from a friend. Unfortunately this model is not compatible with the 'current version of windows' on the laptop that I am using. I am now looking for another camera to use to create a video for you. I thought you deserved an update. In the meantime if there is anything else I can do to quell your concerns please feel free to get in touch. Regards Jing
  4. The Positive Development Empire

    the early days . . .
  5. The Positive Development Empire

    Hello Celestial It is important to be vigilant I am happy to create some footage for you to observe. I will borrow a camera and put something together for you. Please allow me some time for this. Regards Jing
  6. The Positive Development Empire

    Hello turtle shell. I was ordained in a Taoist Monastery in Queensland, Australia. J
  7. The Positive Development Empire

    There is a new web-site being launched today dedicated to the establishment of a Taoist Monastery and Training Ground in the U.K. Here is the link This organization has been founded by an Ordained Taoist Monk. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Jing Attiig
  8. Taoism U.K

    Hello to the group What a mess, what a mess. How can suspicion keep your belly satisfied ? Rolling in the Tao, Confusion abound within their heads, Where to find the remedy ? Where to find the relief ? Would you like to know how real I am ? Lets meet ! hope this settles some confusion Jing
  9. Taoism U.K

    Hello All There is a new development occurring within the United Kingdom in regards to Taoism and Spiritual Practice Here is the web-link Thank you all for your support
  10. Hello to the rest of the Tao

    Hello All There is a new development occurring in the United Kingdom in regards to Taoism and Spirituality If you think you can help to promote this in anyway your support is greatly appreciated the web-site is here Thank You