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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    I don't know what Max's current policy is on discussing the details of these practices, but he's probably still keeping some of the heavier Maoshan stuff to himself and very few others. I'll just say that it is self-regulating. You can either do the RD practice or you can't. It will let you know.

    Teach by presence. You look happy. Good for you.

    Proof of this statement lies in the fact that discussion of practices teachers, methods and opinions gets in the way of true communion with the Tao. Look at this forum as an example. Divine emptiness is enlightenment and this "now consciousness" needs no words. Shut up and practice.
  4. Kunlun follow up poll

    Red Phoenix is much more powerful than people initially believe. It stimulates the glands in the center of the brain and creates an alchemy that produces a natural DMT. This is the spirit molecule and the experience is like opening a door to the other side. So you may see some unexpected things. I personally like to do it on planes or as I lay in bed. It is good for insomnia. People can have massive openings from this practice and so having a good grounding plan is important. In the beginning it felt like I was pushing gravy through my head but over time, as I worked it, the pathway became clearer and now it is like a light breeze flowing through. The reverse RP is good for those who have opened the front path and want more third eye. I personally like the experiences I have had from RP. I love Red Phoenix 2 as well. It is so good for calming. Piko piko breath is another good one from our Hawai'ian tradition. Basicly you breathe in energy from the crown down to fill the lower dan tien and then breathe out from the navel. Some people do a similar breath but exhale from the solar plexus, others the heart. I think you can do these kinds of breath out of whatever area you feel blocked. The extreme cold is a sign that you are interfazing between this world and the next. It passes. I like to push my envelope so I enjoy bumping up against the barrier to see how far I can go. Max of course has broke the barrier. Here is how Max once described the Gold Dragon Body process to me: Kunlun opens the energy Red Phoenix directs the energy Red Dragon amplifies the energy If you go through those practices, your world will never be the same. If you're not an experienced practitioner or if you have mental and emotional problems (like skitzo or bipolar disorder), I wouldn't try any of this stuff. If you do drugs, or have had problems with drugs in the past, your experience can be guaranteed to be wilder than someone who does/has not. Hopefully you go easy, but it's hard with addictive personality. Max has warned me about a lot of these things in the beginning and I know he warns others since, but people usually glaze over what he says because they want to get to the thrill part of things. I seen it over and over. Red Dragon is a whole other beast and I hope most people aren't doing that one. That shit warps reality.
  5. Kunlun follow up poll

    I figured it out! TexasNative is actually Oceanside who is really MGD posing as WYG disguised as Spirit Ape channeling Starjumper7! No way! One big whiner! One bad seed who is going to bitch about what the world owes them at the top of their lungs FOREVER, refusing all explanations and shit the same stinky shit all over every topic they can. Dis is F'd up man! Reasonable answers don't WORK!!! It's brain is broken! Om mani padme om. Om mani padma om. Om mani padmi om. Damn, I don't know which one of these is right but will one of you please get me the hell out of here! Om mani pad...Screw it! Come on ol' standby, don't fail me now! Mele kalikimaka, Mele kalikimaka, Mele kalikimaka!
  6. Kunlun follow up poll

    Ahhhh, back to discussing practices. Less typing, more letting go. Good Mal.
  7. The Taoist Masters I have met say that taking silver internally inhibits spiritual awakening. White powder gold and other metals is good though. My Kahuna uncle agrees. I personally haven't tried it, so I don't know for sure, but I trust them.
  8. Kunlun follow up poll

    First, I'm not lemntl. Secondly, oceanside. How long is this stuff going to keep circling for you? Do you really feel that gypped and betrayed, or are you reveling in the fact that everyone is finally giving you the attention you deserve? Did you think you were buying a spiritual family or a support group when you signed up for that seminar? Well ya weren't (although they did build you your own forum to connect with others). What you were buying were methods to use for your own awakening and that is what you got. Use them or don't but please quit with the on and on about what you didn't get. Wouldn't you feel better to start tomorrow fresh and new. Start the day doing what you brings you joy and don't look back. Relieve yourself from all of this worry. Just let it go, it's over. Water under the bridge. Ya know, I wasn't breast fed as a baby, but I got over it (sort of). Now I'm happy as shit.
  9. Kunlun follow up poll

    And what information did Jenny receive from her teacher about the spontaneous practice? Nothing. He gave her the method and that was it. This is where the "figure it out yourself" philosophy came from. I think Jenny does offer some more information than what her teacher gave her, because the Western mind is information crazy, with impatience nourished by instant information and answers delivered via the web. When you provide people the gift of self-discovery so that they can figure it out for their own benefit, many will fail to really get it. Max and Chris had a fine line to walk between informing and allowing and that needs to be understood and appreciated for what it was. I think Chris went way out of his way dealing with all of the questions on this forum just to try to give the correct sense of what these practices were really all about. I don't think it was for PR as much as much as it was following the above philosophy. People don't want to be empowered. Because of conditioning, they want to be told what to do and what the exact end result will be. LAAAAAAAME. Get a sense of adventure and you'll have one amazing self-discovery after another. "It's like being Indiana Jones, but internally" - Max
  10. Kunlun follow up poll

    You really need to work on your self esteem. You seem to make everything about you not being good enough. You should cut that out man. Buck up. You are great and you would realize it if you'd quit throwing a pity party after every comment that is made here. I don't come here representing anything or anyone but by myself. I don't speak for the Kunlun group (whatever the hell that means). I can only speak from my experiences and that is what I am sharing. Those guys probably avoided giving too much information about what can happen because that is what you are supposed to do when speaking of the Tao. It is a subjective experience and everyone is entitled to have a beginners mind with regard to the possibilities they open for themselves. I wasn't much of a seminar participant, but I know he did touch on almost all of this stuff in one way or another. I think people either failed to hear it or failed to understand what he was talking about, which could have been intentional on his part so that he could respect the individuals right to a fresh experience. Everyone does experience something different so you can't go telling people what will happen or they will expect things to come for them the way they do for others. This is why you actually got what you paid for at the seminar: a method for unlocking your own mystery, minus a dogmatic belief system. Also, I know Max has said that various manifestations will occur including: balls of light, things in the room with you, new abilities and various other things, but he then says to just ignore them and not to get attached to them because they are just distractions on the path to self awakening.
  11. Kunlun follow up poll

    So, after all of the great posts by -O- we are back to Trunk's obsession with scary reptiles? Round and round. He is trying to confuse the very human teachers from the lineage with something reptilian. Not quite accurate. I must say that those things are a NON-ISSUE unless you fearfully obsess over them. And I'll tell you something else, if you are lucky enough to have warranted their attention it is because you yourself have reached a certain level of attainment and because you have a past connection to them. They have been around plenty over the past few years, but it was because I was looking for them and challenging my own fear levels. I know that for others they could be right there and not be made aware. Mantra has almost no personal interaction with them, despite being in their presence on many occasions. His connection is to another more human looking, light-body race. Reptilians and Greys don't go near him because there is no connection. Our teachers do come in many forms: blue human-looking Andromedans, Tall Whites, little Greys (drones), Mantis-like Betelgeusians (good doctors), very human looking Pleadians and so many more, but they come from our own past. Remember, we are the brave pioneers who have taken human form. That our ancestors come and observe us is for their own education and evolution. Do you think a reptile is the same as a human on the evolutionary scale? No, they are not. They still have a hive mentality and their emotional body is not as developed, so they learn from us whom they consider "Royalty" and that is why they must obey your will and respect your space. They can help you with healing your body too if you want it. It DOES NOT mean that they come to harm, so don't believe Trunk's naive fear. He has no experience with these things. We all have a lot to learn about who we really are and in the next few years much of that will be coming to light. It is time. Earth history is the most heavily edited, rewritten piece of fiction ever produced in the galaxy. We're all connected to some ET lineage. We are all transplants on this planet (hence the absence of the missing link). We have the DNA of every race in the universe coursing through our veins. 85% of it is inactive and is referred to as "junk DNA". It contains the library of the universe and you can activate the RNA contained within by unratcheting the DNA magnetically via the spontaneous practice combined with Red Phoenix (which affects the original stem cell). When you clear the emotional patterning contained in your cellular memory, from all of your previous ancestors you evolve and you are also helping them evolve as they are still tied to the patterns of the past. So you would be correct in thinking of yourself as a teacher with regard to these ancestral beings. They are rooting for your success. They need it. Remember, be good and you will attract good. Trust yourself and you will walk in grace. Buy into fear and you will experience fear.
  12. Kunlun follow up poll

    I like -O- too. Also, "not nothing" is something.
  13. Reptilians connected to this forum!

    Yes. Immature, irresponsible and of course, absolutely absurd. I personally thought it was kinda funny but more importantly, it makes a point.
  14. Kunlun follow up poll

    Exactamentay, bro. It's like going to the food court and picking the funky Asian place, bumming out on your food and then blaming the mall for your choice.