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  1. Has anyone tried it? What's your experience on it? Thanks! Info here :
  2. I wanna learn chi kung

    Mainly health and to get strong, both mental and physical! I kinda wanna incorporate it w/ my weight lifting and exercises that I do!
  3. I wanna learn chi kung

    I always wanted to try it but I feel that its kinda strict like it must be done in the morning, open air, certain direction. I feel that someone w/ a busy schedule may not have the luxury of doing any of that! Plus it you'd end up looking weird if you do it openly as well! I don't know how chi feels like but I somehow can make myself get goose bumps on the fly lol! Its an electric feel to it that start from the upper back the spreads to the front almost like cold water splashing! Cause from what I hear about chi is that it is warm lol!
  4. I wanna learn chi kung

    I'm interested in learning chi kung! But don't know where to start! What's the basic once to try and how long before I get to feel chi?
  5. Hey There!

    I got into this forum because I got interested in the esoterics. I'm interested in bettering myself, I'm interested in the alternative and learning more about it. I wanna about healing my body and all that stuff lol! Thanks!