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  1. Can any of you confirm my translation?

    Thank you very much chaps! It is actually for my own use. My gf brought the pills from Taiwan, after telling a local TCM practitioner that I suffer from a slight erectile dysfunction, which is actually the case. She was given those pills, but before taking them I wanted to double-check the dosage... Cheers
  2. Hello all, I'd like to know if anyone could confirm the correctness of my translation of the attached file (in chinese). It is the label of Ba Di Huang Wan (Eight-Ingredient Pill with Rehmannia), which are pills used in TCM. I am interested in the section on the dosage, and I believe it says to take 10 pills twice a day in a glas of salted water. But my chinese is limited, and I'm not 100% sure... Thanks! BaDiHuangWan.pdf
  3. IBS (irrateble bowel syndrome)

  4. Cultivating while keeping it in my pants

    A few key phrases might help: 1. use will power 2. use will power 3. use will power 4. trash porn 5. meditate regularly 6. regularly read inspirational material to support celibacy 7. (if in a relationship) practice karezza
  5. IBS (irrateble bowel syndrome)

    After many years of suffering because of IBS and many failed attempts with tablets, ballast-rich food etc. etc., I managed to cure myself of IBS using Autogenic Training (AT). Within 3 months the symptoms subsided, within 6 months I was practically IBS-free. I practiced AT twice a day, 20 mins per session. Good luck!
  6. Erection problem

    I have a similar problem, which has been happening for quite a while and I have recently decided to tackle. In my case, age may be a co-factor for it (I am 47). I tried Dr. Lin's supplements + fish oil (as recommended by him) but didn't get any notable results. But I must add that I kept it to a minimum dosage as I was concerned about the massive amounts of certain components in the recommended dosage. Perhaps results would have been different had I sticked to the recommended dosage. Failing that, I am now looking into: - exercising regularly - taking Korean red ginseng supplements Both are listed on the wikipedia article on erectyle disfunction as cheap solutions to the issue, as long as it's not a "plumbing" problem... Hervoyel
  7. Having practiced yoga in the past, a definition of enlightenment I like is when one reaches the state named Nirvikalpa (or Nirbikalpa) Samadhi: [source: Wikipedia] Paramahansa Yogananda describes this degree of samadhi as follows: In the most advanced state [of samadhi], nirvikalpa samadhi, the soul realizes itself and Spirit as one. The ego consciousness, the soul consciousness, and the ocean of Spirit are seen all existing together. It is the state of simultaneously watching the ocean of Spirit and the waves of creation. The individual no longer sees himself as a "John Smith" related to a particular environment; he realizes that the ocean of Spirit has become not only the wave of John Smith but also the waves of all ofter lives. In nirvikalpa the soul is simultaneously conscious of Spirit within and creation without. The divine man in the nirvikalpa state may even engage in performance of his material duties with no loss of inner God-union. I am pretty sure that energetic practices represent a way to eventually achieve Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Most likely they are not the only way, and most likely they have to be supplemented by other practices. To me, they are an important part of my practice.
  8. Visualization before Kunlun necessary?

    I am not good at visualizations, and I realized that by practicing the KL initial visualization... Still, I do it regularly - and the same holds for the closedown - trying not to discount their importance and considering them as an integral part of KL1. This is the message I think Max tried to convey in the book. Since in the book there is no guideline on the duration of the visualization, I have arbitrarily set 10 mins for it. My routine is: - 10 mins visualization, 30 mins KL proper, 10 mins closedown (when I am in a hurry) - 10 mins visualization, 45 mins KL proper, 15 mins closedown (when I have more time) - 10 mins visualization, 60 mins KL proper, 20 mins closedown (when I have lots of time, unfortunately very rarely. 60 and 20 mins are the recommended durations in the book)
  9. Kunlun Seminar in Germany 2009

    I'll attend! Cheers
  10. Hello, I am practicing K1 as described in the book. Recently the question came to my mind, whether I should reverse the position of my hands, as I am left handed. Does anyone know? Cheers
  11. Hi, considering that time for practice is limited and that we spent a lot of time sleeping, the silly question came to my mind whether it is possible to enhance sleep so that it becomes practice. In one of Yogananda's lesson he says that sleep is the time when each of us unconsciously becomes a yogi. And he didn't rate it as particularly useful in spiritual practice because it's unconscious. But he didn't provide any method to enhance sleep to become practice. He only describes a method to induce dreams. Anybody has ideas on how to use sleep as practice/meditation? Quiet practice/meditation of course, I wouldn't like to shake while sleeping... Cheers
  12. Nine levels of power

    On that 1 to 9 scale I am definitely at level -3...
  13. the tao bums map

    I am italian, too! I just don't happen to be living in Italy...
  14. Gum disease

    One of the most effective ways to reduce gum disease is regular use of dental toothpicks. After that come the usage of floss and interdental brushes.
  15. Kunlun Benefits

    I have been practicing Kunlun L1 for 2 months but haven't attended any seminar yet. I am still gradually building up my practice from initially 30 mins to 60 mins (I currently practice for 45 mins). In other words 10 mins initial visualization + 45 mins main posture + 15 mins closing down. Normally in the early morning. I find the practice very soothing. I experienced some shaking initially. More recently, on top of that: muscular contractions (pumping) in the coccyx area and in the neck area, and arching of the back. Nothing exaggerated though. I also practice awareness meditation 20 mins per day in the afternoon. If I will begin feeling "spacey"/ungrounded I will also try I Jong standing from the book. I haven't tried healing anyone and don't plan to until I will have progressed much further (if at all) Cheers