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  1. Stillness Movement

    Another beginner for the list. (Insert missing waving-smiley here) No workshops yet, just the book and dvd...hoping to be able to attend in the near future, and working on making it a daily practice. Extra thanks to those who have shared their journey and insight. It is helpful to those of us taking tentative baby steps.
  2. Time to start doing the not doing

    Hello Tao Bums! I have lurked for some time like many others, finally deciding that engaging in the community seems far more benificial than simply reading (and assuming understanding). Sadly, my practice up to this point has been nothing but lurking and reading. At 30, I'm finally realizing that a superficial 'knowing' will never be enough for me; that it's time to take some action...through no action? I'll get it sometime... Enough from me for now...back to reading!