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  1. A Sincere Apology

    Dear Stig, Over the years, your presence on this forum has been really valuable. Valuable contributions do not come from long fake quotes (CowTao), a holier than thou attitude with nothing worthwhile to offer but criticism (Mjjbecker) or "I-sway-with-the-wind because-I-stand-for-nothing, I am just dietary fiber" kind of diplomacy (Learner). Value comes from character, true virtue and the conviction to stand up for what one believes in. You've displayed that consistently, and quite selflessly I must say. I see no agenda, no political gain in any of this. Mal is a butt-head who has misused his power, and will continue to as has been the history. The other moderators do not have the technical know-how, Sean has no time and they need Mal on this account, as simple as that! So I doubt anything is going to change here. Sean, by remaining quiet, has stamped his approval over this whole thing. This is the message Sean and his team is sending out - stay here on our terms or just get out. And those terms are different based on how the mods view you. We have a feminist, a butt-head, a Buddhist sympathizer, and other mods dominated by these three. Well, so what's left to say? A feeble voice of reason left hanging here and there (Sloppy) will soon learn to shut shop and ignore unfair decisions. All I want to say is that I strongly object to your treatment here whilst ignoring all your valuable contributions over the years. I wish you the best in your life and want you to know that some of us truly appreciate what you stand for, and always will. You have only risen further in my perspective for standing up for a good cause. Don't feel that no friend stood up for you when you always stood up for others, many want to, but lack the will. I Will miss you Stig, my friend, truly miss you.
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