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  1. Tips on meditation?

    Hello all. Since discovering this wonderful way of not thinking I have started looking into meditation. For the last week I have made it a point to sit quitely by myself for 10 or 15 minutes to do some generalized meditation. Could anyone give me any advice on getting some actual direction for my practice. I have noticed that many people on the forum have mentioned it at one time or another. It has really helped me, but I think there could be more out there for me. Any advice or direction for some good information would be really appreciated.
  2. It is rather interesting to me that you ask that question. I am somewhat new to all this, but last week it happened to me about 4 times. I had not really thought about the reason why. I think people at work are starting to wonder about me. Thanks for the thought.
  3. New to Tao Bums...

    Hello all! I can not believe I actually found this forum! I am very excited to have new friends to talk with about Taoism. I am new to the formal subject. Just completed reading Tao Te Ching for the 3rd time, and everytime I realize something new. I have lived all my life not knowing there was actually a name or description for the way I felt and lived. I just thoguht I was a "nature girl". It is so refreshing and enlightening to know that there are others who feel the same. I am looking forward to getting to know all.