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  2. Published on Jun 26, 2015 Ben Abba who is an experienced security consultant for various financial institutions joined Kevin Moore. One day he used his unique skills in finding fraudsters to locate the oldest people alive. To his shock and amazement, he found several people living among us, that are over 250 years old, and a few that were over 1,000 years old. Ben is now sharing his experiences with these remarkable super-centenarians with the world. He has recently co-authored a book with Dr. Wayne Dyer titled “Wake Up … Live the Life You Love: Wake Up Moments of Inspiration” and will soon be releasing his book on his research about the oldest super-centenarian his has found titled: “Secrets of an Immortal – An Eyewitness Account of 2,800 Years of History”.
  3. Does anyone know articles, books, excersises to compress chi when you have put it in your dan tien? (just looking for an explanation and various ways and forms to do it, basically) Hopefully this is a nice thread?
  4. Hi, Mastering Alchemy, interesting 45 minute video.
  5. Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and Taoist Magic.

    Can i take advantage of the opportunity and say that i would like to offer my copy of Doaist weather magic by Jerry Alan Johnson. I would like to ask $35 USD for it and $2.50 for worldwide shipping. It's in like new condition. I can take paypal.
  6. cool vids

    Interactive freerunning scenes 7vJWKon1_5E
  7. Any Rife users?

    Anyone ever used any kind of Rife machine? (Royal Raymond Rife beamray device - frequency related pathogen eliminator) Good? Affordable? Etc?
  8. Any Rife users?

    What's your experience with it? Any effects?
  9. Give up smoking

    i've heard that Iboga can treat any addiction. and it can also be 'loaded' (small amounts every day, so that it doesn't get trippy but does have the anti-addictie properties) is supposed to work with nicotine as well
  10. interesting?
  11. RFID chip & magnetic field

    Got a question: Some people are worried about RFID chips (and it's not unfounded in some cases imo) If someone, animal or human or whatever has a RFID chip, wouldn't an exposure to a strong enough magnetic field destroy the RFID chip anyway?
  12. RFID chip & magnetic field

    Cool There could actually be a market for RFID chip zappers in the future i think I mean, let's hope so, if these chips are going to be placed where one doesn't want them
  13. Mixing mantras and russian pyro mantra?

    Isn't he channeling (the energy) though?
  14. A lecture on fractality, implosion, etc There are more videos on his videos page
  15. Hi, does anyone know if there are still american indian animal carvings available somewhere that are with medicinal properties? i.e. not just for any tourist or so, but real ones, offered for their medicinal & magical properties If you know, please let me know Thanks
  16. american indian medicine animal carvings

    Hi, i just wanted to say thanks in advance for considering .... if you find out something i'm open My thanks to you and the medicine woman - Froggie
  17. NaCLO2, i think that's sodium chlorite in English...
  18. I have the time .... But i'm not as popular. Anyway, if you need me let me know.
  20. Error on thetaobums

    Anyone else get this error? Max user connections reached Or something... And then the page won't load. The same error was about a week ago also.
  21. Hey, does anyone know any good juicers? I'm thinking about loud here, but i think i would prefer a manual one, something that can not break. But the question is, can it juice really really well... I want to use it primarily to juice wheatgrass. Does anyone have any good experiences? Ideally it would have to juice really well, last a very long time, not break at all, and preferably not cost a real fortune, although i am willing to pay for it's worth. i can't cash out hundreds at all. And the last detail would be simply that i would have to have it shipped to the Netherlands.
  22. Manual wheatgrass juicer recommendations

    by the way, anyone know if a manual can be just as good as a powered one?
  23. Error on thetaobums

    Also, the intarrnet is sucking and lagging..... But that could be just on my side.....
  24. Do you think it is possible to make sashimi from frozen fish from the supermarket?
  25. To the people that know about the Indian wisdom: (i don't know what the term is) Is it true that some people were able to know which plants were good for what, let's just call it 'psychically' ? And do you think this will be possible for people now also to do ?