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  1. Traditional Taoist Lifestyle

    It has been a while sense I have viewed this. Sorry. I want to thank everyone for taking part in this discussion. It was helpful and you guys, in my opinion, are dead on.
  2. Taoist Temples in the U.S.

    Generally, those are shrines or qigong classes or schools. There are no working Taoist temples in the USA as far as traditional temples like Zixiao palace.
  3. How much do we undersatnd the Microcosmic Orbit...?

    Wow.... I just read some of your comments and if you all spent 1/2 the time cultivating that you do on arguing who's right and who's wrong about cultivating you'd already be immortal! You all just took 10 years off your life of leaking Jing Qi and Shen hahahahah!!!! Tao Bless
  4. Sensation of rotation during meditation.

    This is how you return to stillness. My thoughts exactly. Don't attach and return to your dantian
  5. Sensation of rotation during meditation.

    What kind of meditation are you doing? You should detach from any feelings and go back to stillness
  6. Finding a sifu

    I think it is about finding the right teather for you and whether you are comfortable paying for it or not. No big deal. Your Tao is your Tao. Find the right teacher that teaches you what you are looking for. My only criteria was: Does the teacher practice what they preach? Does the teacher show physical proof in their own life of attainment and knowledge? Can the master's teachings and guidance make a difference in your life, if you practice? Does the teaching you learn apply to your life and your Tao (your way)? Do you have Yuan Fen (common affinity) with that teacher and their teachings? Do the teaching make sense to you?
  7. Finding a sifu

  8. Finding a sifu

    I completely disagree with this notion. A Master is someone who master's themselves and will openly teach those who are willing to learn. If someone cannot learn how to meditate from these guys from a beginner then how can someone learn from them? Where would they learn to meditate for four hours in total stillness to begin with. Your theory has holes my friend. The "story" of Wang Liping says he learned from a beginner from immortals. They trained him from a total beginner learning step by step and could not even sit for 10 minutes at first. Do you think Wang Liping would hold himself higher than his own Masters and not except anyone who already knew how to meditate for four hours? I think not. My suggestion is to keep looking and he will find who he is looking for, for his own reasons.
  9. Finding a sifu

    You'll find who you are looking for when the time is right. However, do not get caught up in an illusion of ancient Shifu's who will not charge you. This is still the modern world and Shifu's need to eat and live as well. The key is are they giving you the value you are paying for and it is it within your means. Like I have said in previous posts, you need to watch out for scam artists. You can study with someone and if your life changes exponentially (in they way you want but maybe not they way you expected) from it, then I'd say you found your Shifu.
  10. Pre-communist Chinese Zeitgeist

    There are no secrets. People either will get it or they do not. The Tao is very dialectic and we have to see both sides of everything to understand the whole and then give up the concept to go deeper. It is about self cultivation anyway. There are a lot of people out there after fame, ego and your money. You need to be careful.
  11. Pre-communist Chinese Zeitgeist

    Nicely put and to my point, yes Wudang was undeniably attacked but there still survived our lineage and teachings as they could not take oral tradition away.
  12. Pre-communist Chinese Zeitgeist

    No egoes here my friend. It has all been documented. A special on my lineage and grandmaster has also been aired on CCTV. Which is the Chinese Central Television (central government run by the way) and they still do not deny it. Not a glorious history by any means. Tough times and they went through a hell of a lot. I can back up 100% of my claims.
  13. Pre-communist Chinese Zeitgeist

    Two ways: 1. We can take the conversation offline on email. You can email me at [email protected] and we can take it from there. 2. You can go to my master's site to read more. I can assure you he is the real deal. www.wudangtao.com
  14. My Tao is My Tao

  15. Pre-communist Chinese Zeitgeist

    Where did you get this information? Couldn't be further from the truth. Yes the red guard did frequently burn down temple and take priests away to the re-education camps however they could not take away oral tradition. That is the beautiful part about it. My lineage for instance has still kept the pre-communist orthodox teachings thanks to my grandmaster and master. If you are interested in these practices I can help.