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  1. Breaking Bad

    god i love this show got halfway thru 3rd season
  2. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    Astral- Thanks for the reply. Very informative. There was definitley some people saying that red phoenix is dangerous to teach in level one. Are you implying that i buy those programs? Witch- That was very interesting but im not really sure how much i beleive in pyschic powers, surprised theres so many people who believe in "magic" buttt i wont be completley close minded, who knows. Anyways i will be recieving the book soon, hopefuly itll do me some good, kunlun sound pretty powerful, so i better give it a try
  3. Bliss VS Awareness

    YOU GOT IT!! lol yeah its a trifecta
  4. Is Thought separate from the Senses?

    um nope last time i checked there are only 5. however you do make senses in that there are senses within senses, so in a way, we can have just one sense, or maybe infinite senses.
  5. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    Zanshin thanks for the info, wish somebody here would just spill the albeit "dangerous" beans of red phoenix already. Witch, not sure what you mean by wizard, but i assume you think he has strong powers? do you think hes trying to hurt you? Trunk thank you for the warning, but il take my chances, lol. And now that you mention mutli orgasmic men, whats so dangerous about that book? i havnt heard of it, but now im curious. Is it a Mantak Chia book? Anyways thanks goes out to some friend(s) here, who are/is going to loan me the kunlun book, so whos next in line?
  6. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    was all that just from the first level meditaion? Ive been doing that one already, and it seems pretty simple. Not that its not powerful, but stil...
  7. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    Im sure she didnt actually think she was going to be instantly enlightened from that. It was nothing personal. I was just talking. I wanted to know why she didnt like it. Im sure she doesnt need you to defend her. Shes a big girl now. You can choose how to take things, its your attitude that makes it negative, not the reality. I wouldnt of posted this thread, if I hadnt read almost EVERYTHING about kunlun here. Good day.
  8. So ive been thinking, and ive sort of divided my entire being into little basic pieces, akin to the way everything is broken up into atoms and pixels. You can say that we have 10 senses. 5 inner and 5 outer. they are really only 5 but one comes from the outside and one from the inside. However we can control the ones coming from the outside just as the ones from the inside and make it so that they cause us more happiness and energy. I was arguing with my brother the other day, he says that all he experiences is thoughts and emotions, and i keep telling him that what thoughts and emotions are really made of are complex patterns and equations of senses, just your 5 senses. I mean try and think about it. Have you ever had a thought that didnt have an image or sound or sensation spontaneously attachted to it? Can you even think in your head without saying words? And if you can, can you keep those thoughts devoid of images as well? And if you can, can you seperate those thoughts from sensations in your body? I pretty much beleive that your senses are just an incarnation of your concoiusness. But ive become usure latley if there is a 6th sense or not. the sense of thought. Heres a little test. Wait for a minute and let your mind go to void. Without changing decide to love yourself. This is a thought, but not like the normal kind, it is spontaneous, a liquid product of void. Or is it? Is it just another result of the senses? Is there a way to tell? I am kind of torn on which one to believe.
  9. Bliss VS Awareness

    lots of good information here guys looks like no one chose bliss yet LOL looks like Lama Dorje's gonna need a new sales pitch =O Well there is long term pleasure and short term pleasure, doing drugs and having unprotected sex and doing crazy things on a motorcycle will bring short term pleasure, but long term pain. I doubt there is any way to get supreme bliss without mediation. No way at all. And i mean, what is the point of living, even you have awarenss of everything, if you are in intesne amounts of pain? I feel that as i meditate it is not so uneven, and the being blissful helps me become aware, and becoming aware helps me become blissful. Im sure i would be very happy being in pure bliss and knowing nothing, they say that ignorance is bliss, but i dont very much like the idea of mindlessness and egolessness, depending on you definition of ego, I WANT TO KNOW HOW THINGS WORK, i want to one day be able to feel every cell in my body, i want to UNDERSTAND, i want to be sensitive, but in the end i think we only have 3 things, awareness, bliss, and power and the lack or opposite of those. meditating is about bringing those more and more. i think void mediation is more about learning to be aware of what truley matters, by quieting what doesnt matter as much, but i dont think that void is the end goal, if void were the end goal, then we might as well become athesists and bleive that when we die concoiuness ends and that this life is all we got.
  10. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    Thanks thelerneer and zanshin for offering your books up to library. Witch whyd you burn the book? didnt like it? No instant enlightenment? I also wonder like Jetsun, why the book is nowhere to be found Trunk, thank you for the insight, however i will have to wait until i have some dough under my belt Lol so yeah id be totally willing to recieve the book, even pay shipping, and then send it to someone else, down the line. im not really sure how this "library" works, but im totally down. So heheh, anybody want to tell me how to do red phoenix? I know im a greedy little bastard
  11. OK Seriously Where To Get KUNLUN BOOK?

    your a funny guy
  12. OK sorry for having to make a thread for this, but i cant seem to find a Kunlun book anywhere on the internet. I cant afford the time or money to go to a seminar, and all the books, except the french ones, are off the internet! Could someone please tell me where to get one, or if they are going to come back anytime soon, or could someone just tell me where to find the techniques orrrr could someone please please please just lend me a copy or teach my the main points on the down low? I really really really want to learn Kunlun. Seriously. Yes. For Real. Yup. Straight up. Yeah sorry again if this is like offending or something.
  13. Bliss VS Awareness

    The question is, is the main purpose of your meditation(spiritual cultivation practice) for attainment of bliss or awareness? I think Id say Awareness to me is more important, i like to feel in control, and i feel that through awareness i could attain bliss, but im sure it can work the other way around.
  14. Conflict between Work and Consciousness

    this is the whole point of certain meditations, to be able to turn the energies that expend out into the external world back into your own energy. i find that the more unpersonal and abstract your mind goes, the further your energies go from feeding back into your dantien. in a exponential manner. try combining two forces that are opposing, your focus/will and your relaxed bliss, keep repeating to yourself that you will keep getting permantley better at whatever you set your mind to, whatever fractal of mental and emotional and phsycial energy expenditure that you come across. by combinging the enerigies in the 3 main centers and by clearing the spine, one can help combine your delciate/fine mental ego with the rough sensory emotional perceptions pm me if you like