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  1. We're talking about such a long period of time. If man managed to not destroy himself, and society flourished for a billion years, surely we would understand everything about the nature of the universe by then, and be able to affect it in some major ways? Maybe even find a way to rejuvinate it? Assuming we wanted to. Perhaps upon discovering the true nature of the universe, we'd see the wisdom of allowing it to all perish and then rebirth, and wouldn't be that upset by it?
  2. I think this is very interesting. Would you say that what is meant is that we're all really free of time, because time doesn't exist? Merely the shifting of matter and energy into new states at varying rates? In other words, we're not seperated from the past or the future in any way except in how matter has been altered since, or will be altered later. In terms of 'time', the only thing that has ever existed or will exist is the now. Maybe something else was meant by these physicists, but it struck a chord, cause I've been thinking of this idea some lately.
  3. Hi from Minneapolis

    Yeah, it said I had to post here before I could post elsewhere, so hi everyone:).