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  1. Hey tao bum No, being a zen master wont help you. Being a zen master will help if you are already good with women. The first thing you need to be more comfortable to talking to strangers. Say hi to a random person on the street. (Remember to smile). Hey it might not be the normal thing to do but it teaches you something I can't put into words. Ask people for directions. Find a girl sitting outside and say "hey, you seem friendly I'm going to talk to you for a bit" or "hey, hows your day going?" and sit down with her. See a girl walking her dog "hey, so whats your dogs name?" A joke in that your interested in her. The world doesn't end and you feel so empowered after wards. You have GREAT potential, being a guy and all. If you do this, let me know and we'll go from there .
  2. Hello all

    I've put my study on hold and I'm waiting for my ibogaine to arrive in the mail and here I am, randomly stumbling across your site. I like the name, tao bums