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  1. to those who hate muslims

    You know, I just joined tao burns and started going through these posts. I gotta admit, I have a problem with posting with a headline like this: "For those who hate Muslims." It's really bad energy. For a site like this, I don't think the people here would hate. I think they know the difference between Muslims and radical Muslims that declare Jihads. Also, this is a person who happens to be a Muslim. The skin color or religious affiliation has no bearing on anything. It's almost as if this headline wants to "prove" Muslims are good people. That's why I'm so bothered with it. This could equally have had the headline: "For those who hate men...or those who hate foreign people...or those who hate convenience store owners." Please note that your headline presupposes people are here who hate Muslims. Is that true? Or is the person who posted this Muslim and believes the world is against him/her?
  2. Where do I start learning?

    Glad to be part of this group. Where do I start learning to cultivate qi? I'm currently doing qi gong practices, but want some other breathing exercises, etc., to help build my qi. Also, are there any practices around for men with respect to cultivating qi and not releasing during orgasm that someone can help point me towards? Thanks so much!