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  1. The point of no return comes back !

    Thanks oldgreen, I'm following exactly Mantak Chia's method and so far i've been doing it everyday for 3 months without any problem, I can feel when the energy is rising so I know it's not staying in my genitals. Anyway I'll keep an eye on it :-)
  2. The point of no return comes back !

    The point of no-return is when you go so close to ejaculation that you pass the threshold and ejaculate, losing the sexual energy.
  3. Hi guys, I've been reading about chakra, Microcosmic orbit and endocrine glands and these seem to fit perfectly except for the lower chakras. Indeed, in most books the root chakra (close to perineum) is linked to the adrenal glands while in the MCO, it's more the door of life (Lumbar 2 - 3) which is linked to that. Somehow this makes more sense as it's physically closer to that point just like the other points. Also it seems that the lower dan tien in the chakra system is located at the place of the sexual center while it's located on the navel in the MCO. So I'm wondering what you think about it ? Resume : Chakra - MCO - Glands Root Chakra ------ --- Navel-------------Adrenal glands Sacral Chakra -------- Sexual center ------ Gonads Solar Plexus Chakra --- Solar plexus --- ----Pancreas Heart Chakra --------- Heart -------------Thymus Throat Chakra - -------Throat ------------ Thyroid 3rd eye Chakra ------- Between eyebrow --- Pituitary Crown Chakra -------- Crown ------------ Pineal
  4. Ching Chi questions

    @Noobzor : I'm not a specialist but in my practice, when aroused, I contract the perineum, the eyes and the biggest muscles in the body like the buttocks or legs + reverse breathing in order to lower the erection and taking the energy up in the MCO which works pretty good to get back to an energised state after sex without any sex drive left. Hope this helps
  5. Ejaculation frequency

    Thanks Craig and Hyok I had heard about the 100 days , my record is 35 days but 100 looks like attainable. About the work with the aroused energy, I've been doing it for 3 months and it's true that if you leave the energy in the head then emotions start to increase (for me it was anger) but if I stock in the dan tien then it's OK. So what are your personal records on retention ?
  6. Ejaculation frequency

    Thanks for all your answers @fiveelementtao : yes I'm practicing the cool draw early in the morning (really strong cold feeling when doing it) and several times a week, I do the big draw so when aroused getting close to ejaculation but then doing the big draw through the MCO then storing into the dan tien and I think this is where it's not working as good because my MCO is not wide open. I've read somewhere that the aroused energy was more dense so harder to circulate through the MCO, this might be one cause why I don't feel it anywhere close to what I feel on the cool draw. So far, I've been into Tao for 3 months so I"m more than a beginner compare to you guys and so far I've been masturbating or having sex everyday with ejaculation 1 time per month but I know I can do better than that using the cool draw more often as when I do it I don't feel my sex drive that intense and I can skip a day or two with one cool draw. Anyway I'll follow dainin advice and search more through archives. Keep up with the good energy
  7. 7 stages of MCO + draw

    Thank you so much for your help :-)
  8. The point of no return comes back !

    Thanks anamatva @ChiDragon : I put the right hand on my pituitary gland and left on the receptive center and breath in the energy into the receptive center then exhale and compress the energy + visualisation I know because I can feel it.
  9. 7 stages of MCO + draw

    Hi guys, I'm actually working on the opening of the MicroCosmic Orbit using the 7 stages in Mantak Chia's DVD "Awaken the healing light" and I'm wondering what you think about the effectiveness of these stages and how do you know when the MCO is wide open ? Finally, when the MCO is open, can you automatically do a cold draw or a big draw in one shot ? Thanks so much for your advice :-)
  10. Ejaculation frequency

    Hello everybody, I'm 28 and I'm wondering how often is it OK to ejaculate if I want to reach a good level in Tao. For now, I've been working this out for 3 months and I've been going pass the point of no return 3 times (I did my best ! ;-)) (My Microcosmic orbit is not yet open properly) What are your recommandations ? Thank you in advance for your advice :-)
  11. The point of no return comes back !

    @ChiDragon : Yes and I do that within the MCO with the tongue on the hard palate + letting the energy down through the energy centers of throat, heart, solar plexus and finally Lower dan tien. @thelerner : Thanks a lot for the hints, I'll do it. :-)
  12. The point of no return comes back !

    Thanks for answering I'm bringing the energy to the dan tien but if I start to have sex again I'm stiff reaching close to the point of no return very fast so I'm really wondering if it's supposed to be like this, what are your experiences...
  13. Ching Chi questions

    @Noobrzor : This is what he's saying in the DVD healing Love...
  14. Ching Chi questions

    Hello noobrzor, When Mantak is talking about orgasm, he's not talking about the short period of extasy you feel when you ejaculate, for him, orgasm energy is the feeling you get when you're aroused but NOT ejaculating. Hope this helps