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  1. Review of Jenny Lamb's Yi Gong Seminar

    Regarding the 'floppy palm', Max made this modification to keep the energy flow more internal rather than going out the hands and fingers. Max also taught that the bliss is a trap and encourages cultivating emptiness. The excitement and phenomenon can help to open people up and purify - then they can discover the practice within the practice. That has been my experience - it would be nice to see Jenny sometime too.
  2. I practice KunLun

    Interesting way of putting it, yang communication medium. Perhaps we restrain ourselves too much in the world. So go see Max, it will be like a dance of energies
  3. I practice KunLun

    Many people intuitively got it. It's what's between the lines that counts. But I must say for a while, many of the negative posts here through off my practice - especially some of the earlier posts last year. It was like the experience was being trampled upon. Now, I like to look at it in a more comical sort of way. I would say a practice or person that ruffles so many feathers is probably doing something right, so why not?
  4. "The best penis enlarger"

    Hi Seth, thanks for your reply. Here's a link to Dr. Lin's explanation about the pereneum exercises, it's rather lengthy and complex (perhaps purposefully so...) Then again, the guy has a Ph.D. in engineering. http://actionlove.com/extra/pcexercise.htm Alchemical Taoism has a page with commentary and tidbits from Lin's site because of the difficulty in navigating it. The balooning/anal breathing technique would be cool to get down at some point. http://www.precisiondocs.com/~altaoism/HLLinsLinks.htm
  5. "The best penis enlarger"

    So there are several different versions of the Deer exercise. Froggie posted the version originally from Dr. Stephen Chang. On the Umaatantra website is Ken Cohen's Version. The Stephen Chang Version promotes contracting the Anal muscles while the Ken Cohen Version suggests contracting the pereneum. Dr. Lin from actionlove would seem to concur with Stephen Chang and goes so far as to say that pereneum contractions train the body for premature ejaculation - his balooning technique relies on anal contractions. Any thoughts on this Vajrasattva?
  6. Kunlun San Diego and assorted musings

    I think you're on to something man, you should see Mantra's house. Vast Corridors awash in opulence, statues of silver and gold - Beyond the dreams of Avarice!
  7. western magic

    I did these rituals for a time and noticed increased psychic ability and sometimes premonitions. It's also good to do the invoking form of the pentagram ritual - some do LIRP morning and LBRP at night.
  8. Great power and strength with out weights

    I say why not take the time to train in multiple styles? With weights I'm training deadlifts and overhead presses mostly, but would not be opposed to trying new and different things when I reach certain goals. Hell, I would probably see Santiago if not for being on the other side of the country. You should go, Mantis.
  9. John Changs 1st Westener Student

    Thanks for posting. So in the youtube clip is he creating a yin field so you're able to cause the movement, kind of like he does for the knives with the spirits inside them? Also, does he still do any healing for westerners who run into him?
  10. Magnesium : Natural Deodorant

    I've been experimenting with magnesium chloride the past week and a half in baths and topically. I can verify it works topically as a deodorant, wasn't aware of the other effects though. cool stuff.
  11. I Succcumbed

    Lol, I guess they need it to stretch out the time of an appointment.
  12. I Succcumbed

    Sounds like excellent results. So how did you know what passage to enter? The NCR doctors use a technique called proprioception (which tests "patterns of balance") to determine where to do the inflation.
  13. I Succcumbed

    Point noted. I will correct the subtitle. Wow, that sounds intense - were you formally trained in the method? I'm thinking of alternating some rolfing with NCR, any thoughts on that? NCR alone was an interesting experience. In the preassessment the Doc pointed out my head was resting a bit tilted to the side and it already has partially corrected. I doubt many would chronical in detail such adventures on a public forum.
  14. I Succcumbed

    Alright, I'll admit it. I'd been reading Plato's blog and his jubilant praise of structural work such as NCR. As time went by I became more and more tempted by how unconventional it all was, and ended up getting an NCR series last week. It sure was unusual feeling pressure and movement in different places of my skull. I do notice that my Anxiety level has decreased notably and my general stance feels more solid. It was quite expenisve, but proved interesting.
  15. Kunlun with Reiki

    I approached Reiki the way Hundun described in the link, as an opening - a little jump start perhaps. It was very good for me at the time I got it.