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  1. True Teachers

    My teacher was barbara peter a senior instructor. she was the best tao instructor I ever came across, her yoga lessons were always very boring, just the inner smile, six healing sounds, packing, then she would say and now close your eyes, and she did some kind of meditation I think shooting the pearl, and everytime I was shocked, I got completly knocked out, it was like being pulled out the body with such energy and force, it was just so strange and out of the experience box, at that time i never measured it as something special because I was not looking for something. it was just "tao yoga". later/ 10 years I met her, she opened a healing center at the time(chi nei tsang), and I asked her if I could have yoga with her, at that time I was too lazy to travel to her place so I asked her if she could come to my place at a given time. she said sure, and again out of the box, I did not even know this was possible, I just asked.., so she would come to my place at 10 o'clock, I would wait, then in the horizon a massive whirl wind of belt channels would come to me and on the top really small she would be standing, really crazy, then the same experience. she was so normal and a completly nobody in here appearance and that is why she never had students, also she could not explain a thing, just nothing, really frustrating, she always just gave trivial answers, I just assume she was sealing the senses 24 h a day... so she opened a healing center and did shi nei tsang, I think she passed away a year or two ago, she was the same tao generation students as ron and g heart. What I want to say is I do not think there is such a thing as a teacher, that you "get" and can grasp and can go to and learn everything and then leave with everything. It is more a situational meeting, not plan able
  2. hello

    i have become a member here for a spesific reason. if looking at the stars i am only a very distant member.