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  1. Disinformation campaign

    Disinformation from Kosta regarding Sean Denty and vice versa.
  2. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    A closed door seminar in switzerland Again if its not Mo-Pai related i have no interest in anything kosta is offering. Years back There used to be a jimi hendrix impersonator named randy hanson. He even wore an afro wig and played note for note all the signature tunes. One night on stage however he tore off the wig and told the fans he was sick of being a wind-me-up jimi doll and started playing his own music, being himself. Sadly the people didnt want to hear randy hansons music, they only wanted to hear jimi's. Its the same here with kosta. The only thing which gave him fame was his association with mopai. I cant see many people being interested in pamachon,knife disarms and self defence techniques you can learn anywhere online.
  3. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    You no longer have the monopoly on this training. We dont need koasta to "delve into MoPai politics or personal practice" We only wanted to hear a few stories. Everybody knows the way to level 2 now and some know further. This is 2011 not 2002 and many things have changed. Jim Mcmillan in his interview said there will a book released explaining all the levels. Game Over . . .
  4. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Other then shame & sickness, a man does not go into hiding for 8 years for no reason. Those conspiracy buffs asking the questions, would have been handpicked,screened,and then screened some more by kosta himself. I have not even heard of that group until this interview. The reason he chose them is very obvious. They knew nothing about anything and wouldnt pose a threat. Why did he not come to a Legit taoist forum (where the big boys play) and announce he would be giving an interview ? Kosta would never hold a question & answer session here because he would be eaten alive.
  5. New Interview With Kostas Danaos

    Kostas arrogance during this interview is simply amazing. I think john made the right decision ousting these individuals. Even jim mcmillan had many years to come forward and help the people searching mopai on the forums. But he did not. He only come forward when his connection was cut off and was kicked out. If Jim truly wanted to spread mopai he would have done it years before. I thought during the past 10 years in hiding Kostas would have come down to earth. Looks like he has only gotten worse. His fake and suprised reaction to sean denty proves that he still visits these forums all the time. The entire interview was complete crap & just a publicity stunt. People dont care about stupid pamachon or how fabulous the greek culture is. The only reason people visit is to hear him talk about mopai and john chang. Pamachon
  6. Greeting Fellow Bums

    Hello Forum